The Rise and Fall of Whitney Houston

"Entertainment Weekly" editor Jess Cagle discusses the singer's death.
2:28 | 02/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Rise and Fall of Whitney Houston
Entertainment Weekly. Covered her sensational rise and fall editor Jess -- good to have you here -- with us this morning she only eighty's and ninety's her influence still being felt today they're exactly I think -- like you said you know we were all familiar with the story it's very sad actually. But you know that teen years between 1985 in 1995. That we have never seen anything like I mean you know that that will be her legacy and he you know I will always love you and all of those songs that she -- -- also had a tremendous cultural impact in. You know -- -- Is cited as an influence to Celine Dion Christina Aguilera Mariah Carey Kelly Clarkson -- influence is felt that gospel. Sort of power that she brought into the mainstream and into pop music tremendous impact not in much the same way that Elvis Presley. Brought you know a different kind of music from the ministry. And one thing that is. Less significant than that -- also important is. Where the body guard. She Kevin Costner and had an interracial relationship and -- -- that was 1992. And that was very than usual at the time but but they did it in the movie without comment and it was a very quiet watershed moment. And and you could say that a lot of things and grab member she was the first black woman to be on the cover seventeen yes magazine yes and just. I remember the last time I felt wouldn't 2009 our concert in the park it served her big -- her mother is there her daughter is there. And it was such an emotional time. And many of us we're just. So hopeful and and I've heard this over and over again that people are shocked by what has happened but not to. It was it was. Sort of a long time -- and it was our worst year over what isn't just days. Throughout those years when when we knew she was troubled and was you know that we've -- awful reality show with Bobby Brown there wasn't a secret she was troubled but. There was a lot of hope even that last album her voice wasn't grade not a great album that people bought a -- we forget it didn't -- plan. Everybody wanted -- took him back and we kept hoping kept hope people will relating to. For her they were they were so much more to say just thanks very much.

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{"id":15566979,"title":"The Rise and Fall of Whitney Houston","duration":"2:28","description":"\"Entertainment Weekly\" editor Jess Cagle discusses the singer's death.","url":"/GMA/video/rise-fall-whitney-houston-15566979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}