Rob Lowe on New Role Playing Drew Peterson

Actor transforms into a former police sergeant accused of murdering his wife.
6:35 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Rob Lowe on New Role Playing Drew Peterson
-- -- accused of murdering his third wife is the subject of a new lifetime original movie it's called Drew Peterson untouchable when Rob Lowe. Ticks are on the title -- transforms himself. Into the former police Sargent complete with a mustache of popular and all that would talk to rob in just a moment always lovely to have you here in the audience with -- -- in studio with us. Ballistic a look at first of his journey that brought into this role. From brat -- bad boy. -- west wing insider this country is an idea. Someone has -- the world for two sentries Rob Lowe has done at all in his career but now he's taking a very different turn going from this. To this. Playing the infamous Drew Peterson in lifetime's Drew Peterson untouchable. Someone. The former police sergeant is charged with murdering his third wife and as the prime suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife. -- she becomes a big. -- Sweaty. Monster make sure. You're scaring him he should be scared the woman fell in love -- about the disappearance. But never camera shy Peterson. Paraded in front of the media while police search for his wife and I'll be sitting in a bar and some. -- cute little girls and jump on my lap. -- -- picture with me or don't want c'mon you're an -- that's kind of flattering -- kind of fun until he was finally arrested. He is now in jail awaiting what is one of the most anticipated trials of the year. And now the Hollywood treatment tennis stars remarkable transformation. I'm not going anywhere. -- -- tricked her but I assure -- -- ruled real good Henman flexible. But hey rob and -- -- freaking -- right now. When it kept for a while welcome -- rob Logan you're getting regular old west but you hadn't seen like that I'd never seen the performance in -- cut with the actual. Drew Peterson I honestly don't know which is creep here -- -- put up. -- -- did you -- isn't just -- -- was -- -- I quickly said why you want me I'm and I mean I felt like I was sort of the last person. That this that made sense to Broadway. Drew which is exactly why I ended up saying yes because I -- I knew we wouldn't suggest. Departure from. Well I talk to morning acres in Pittsburgh every morning WT -- Mom Michelle and Kelly eleven a shout out right now we're gonna play it right -- what I told that you're going to be on the -- he said. I don't know -- They don't know what's it like seeing you play that kind of character. Because you're so lovable and -- -- had a great guy on screen that's for some people to -- that -- yeah I mean that's this -- what actors live for. This is what I live for to do something. That is so unlike what I do every week and parks and recreation or the Westwood -- this stuff it's about as far. On on -- on an end of my range is I can probably -- well I watched it and I. You know -- -- I sit through I know I have to watch something but I could not turn away watched it from start to finish I want to play another clip of it right now. And this is your character Drew Peterson with his fourth wife before she disappeared -- this untouchable. He. -- -- -- Who could. You. And yeah. -- say play the part while my friend thank you I just you know things don't go well with my own wife and his condition or that o'clock up up up up. And that -- look at that clip. Get away with saying something like that less time you were here it was I should say you are New York. New York Times best seller author of hope with your memoir that is now just come out of Paper but but would you working on another book aren't you -- -- -- -- be different I am I like to. Thinking that is that if if you do like the first book from. The second book will be like going to a restaurant we had a really good -- you enjoyed and just ordering something different off the menu. Nicely put that sort of the way it is it's it's more observations that didn't make it into the first book -- With a little more overview of my sort of thoughts and feelings about what makes life. Worth living. Hence the title love life well the first phone was so incredibly well we're -- -- -- -- the -- -- feel like it's kind of the perfect paperback. Book you know breezy and then and fine and and and quick and never had -- and. You're and you breezy and fun because I saw the picture that you tweeted on New -- and saw also pictures of these surfing or other celebrities say they -- You really look like you are -- services from New Year's look at back come on C I don't STC and if I know you -- -- Josh yes he added. Nice little that was a nice little write tonight for the last. All of us yeah the lingo well but they clearly I must've fallen and handsome -- that's crazy glasses -- the years at the. Cocoa settled senate vote and they're getting ready to sit down our good friend Kelli wrap up. I am -- this it was like to do your job and welcome. And I know that I'm -- slink back to being an actor the minute I'm done with the exit probably is harder. And I think it is what -- see well because we make it look so easy is that what you're saying. I don't know about that and I love how when you come in here. You you -- into politics -- this is the best guys again I'm so excited to be here today with everything is going on in Iowa it's just it's so exciting you know and so what -- -- -- I think I think we're looking at that the new Republican ticket the -- the Santorum. Ticket. When Lionel what are you can't what do you -- George heard it here first not that. CS and -- doesn't like I gotta -- I gotta give George credit -- I'm sort of stealing. I can't tell a lot of. Haven't -- Sacramento I was George who gave -- -- inside and I had a liaison all the time don't know they have it and you know you can see you back on this week he's back Sunday mornings demand George I'm -- -- another -- -- -- -- order. Rob thank you thank you are great sport look for you and Kelly tomorrow and untouchable. The premiere of Drew Peterson a touch both Saturday January 21 on lifetime with drop --

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{"id":15286576,"title":"Rob Lowe on New Role Playing Drew Peterson","duration":"6:35","description":"Actor transforms into a former police sergeant accused of murdering his wife. ","url":"/GMA/video/rob-lowes-role-drew-peterson-lifetime-15286576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}