Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Welcomes New Inductees

Green Day, Ringo Star and others honored for their contributions to music.
2:57 | 04/19/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Welcomes New Inductees
It got loud overnight at the party honoring the latest class of inductees at the rock and roll hall of fame. Including an ex-beatle and a band since how much it loves rock and roll. Sara is here with the story. It surprised me a limit to hear that this ex-beatle Ringo Starr wasn't already in the hall of fame. Surrounded by music lends young and old that continue to move us with that international language of song. You know their music. ? Reporter: From Ringo's easy listening. To green day's head-banging rock. All the while what he gave us in between. These eight artists inducted into the hall of fame. Ringo Starr! Bill withers and green day taking over Cleveland all for the love of rock and roll. ? I love rock and roll ? Joan Jett also inducted. This young pop star posting this insta gram. Crediting the '70's rocker for paving the way for other female artists. To see that whole place standing up like that was, I don't know, it was like acceptance and it was overwhelming in a way. ? Reporter: The night even boasting a surprise beatles reunion. It's always a thrill for me when I play with Paul. Reporter: Plus performances from John Mayer, John legend. Green day. Reporter: Green day shredding the six-stirnngers on stage as they received the honor. Star-studded jam sessions set to air on HBO may 30th. A chance to roll with those who rock the hardest. I love rock and roll. When Ringo took the stage, he said that the stage felt empty to him and he summoned Paul. They're magic with just two of them. They had me at just the beatles reunion. Joan Jett still awesome and terrifying. She looks the same. Go Joan. Thanks, Sara. Coming up onod M "Goorning America" -- More Sara.

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{"id":30427010,"title":"Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Welcomes New Inductees","duration":"2:57","description":"Green Day, Ringo Star and others honored for their contributions to music.","url":"/GMA/video/rock-roll-hall-fame-welcomes-inductees-30427010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}