Romney Leads as GOP Heads to Florida

Ex-Mass. Governor has a solid 11 point lead.
2:18 | 01/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romney Leads as GOP Heads to Florida
We are just 48 hours away from Floridians heading to the polls. And the race is fiercer than ever a brand new poll this morning shows Mitt Romney with a solid eleven point lead that Newt Gingrich says this race is far from over. And he's got a brand new supporter -- his -- ABC's John -- is in Orlando with the latest mr. Herman Cain is back in the picture John. That's. Right beyond -- Herman Cain train -- arrived here in Florida and it's here for Newt Gingrich. And Florida a big vote of confidence for new. -- I hereby. Patiently and in the ethically in boss Newt -- but president -- -- -- -- It's. -- mile -- up just last week Herman Cain was in South Carolina with comedian Stephen col -- Making an entirely different endorsement. In bill lest. The people now on the McCain is all -- -- for Newt Gingrich we ought don't want to elect. Speak new stories at the next president but not as. Even before the -- endorsement Gingrich said this campaign will continue no matter what happens more. I'll go all -- -- the convention I expect to win the nomination. Campaigning in Panama City Mitt Romney escalated his attacks on Gingrich. Talking about the time he was reprimanded by the house in 1997. It was five. For ethics violations. Ultimately had to resign in disgrace and you know one of a kind the Romney campaign attacked Gingrich using nothing but an NBC news report from 1997. They found him guilty of ethics violations NBC has asked the Romney campaign to stop running the -- Mitt Romney and I approve this message but one -- advisor told ABC news. They went to keep running it until Tuesday's primary in Florida thank you good -- -- -- Gingrich campaign said the ad is misleading. Gingrich was ultimately cleared of wrongdoing two years later. Gingrich may be down the polls here in Florida but nationally he still has a solid eight point lead in the latest Gallup poll. And and that is yet another reason why no matter what happens in the primary here on Tuesday the Newt Gingrich campaign will continue.

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{"id":15466150,"title":"Romney Leads as GOP Heads to Florida","duration":"2:18","description":"Ex-Mass. Governor has a solid 11 point lead. ","url":"/GMA/video/romney-leads-gop-heads-florida-15466150","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}