Romney Picks Ryan for VP Top GOP Leaders Say

Romney campaign would not comment on Romney's decision.
3:00 | 08/11/12

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Transcript for Romney Picks Ryan for VP Top GOP Leaders Say
Breaking news Mitt Romney just moments ago. As announced Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan -- his running mate let's take -- listen. As we move forward in this campaign and on the helped lead the nation that better days. It's an honor to announce my running mate and the next vice president of the United States -- -- Ryan. Thunderous applause there in Norfolk Virginia key battleground and you can see the USS Wisconsin they're behind them appropriately enough since Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin but there was a moment there where we -- said. Did -- hate -- here when he just says he he actually introduced to Paul Ryan is the next twelve president of the United States is that's. Me. In welcoming the next president of the United States -- Ryan. Every now that. -- -- I did not make -- a state where this guy. Client -- he's going to be the next vice president. Yeah we went back four years ago President Obama did virtually the same thing and introducing Joseph Biden these -- the next president -- Vice president of the United States. A hinting to the adrenaline and what happens actually -- up there. To -- Biden retorted that Barack America and terroristic and it's an -- forgive them for that they've even covering Mitt Romney from day one this is -- -- to enjoy this saying. This is a full decision there was a lot of pressure this last week to gold told the Wall Street Journal saying pick Paul Ryan -- we've learned this morning. Cut through sourcing that it was more than a week ago Mitt Romney actually making this choice. That it wasn't a major decision that this was careful. Decision making on the part of Mitt Romney. This is who he wanted standing on that stage -- so. Let's get right to this morning the breaking news our senior political correspondent John called right there on the ground in Norfolk Virginia watching -- -- -- just moments ago and beyond its -- -- a moment ago you can't underscore -- -- this would appear to be game changer. No question this is a move that electrifies. Conservatives Republicans around the country is a conservative icon a conservative hero is also moved. That -- Democrats -- they believe Paul Ryan. Can be vilified. For the changes that we would make to Medicare his blueprint for America as he calls him when we saw him speak out here. And he talked about how he's got a plan to get America go. Thought we had that sound that -- the sticky fingered David. Is it Paul -- is -- with the bland yet his budget blueprint to deal with America's economic crisis. Romney has been criticized the start of this campaign to be -- champion without specifics of the campaign it does not take wrist at Camp David is David. You can no longer say that about a campaign it has Paul Ryan on the ticket. John we know from the campaign sources the campaign -- they looked at the polling of all of these potential VP picks they've looked at Paul Ryan. And they saw great potential in trying to -- Wisconsin a state President Obama carried four years ago the big question -- -- helped carry some of these other battlegrounds this must wins for Mitt Romney. Yes and this is a big I have to say it is so much bigger than Wisconsin. Because the risks of the potential rewards are much greater this as -- national applications. Paul Ryan is. Popular U wins -- -- different in Wisconsin big tilts Democrat is actually very conservative against democratic support so it's good for Wisconsin. But this is over. -- -- -- -- implications. It will change this race. All right Jon Karl battling with the music they're behind him rockets grabbed their welcoming all -- to the ticket.

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{"id":16983912,"title":"Romney Picks Ryan for VP Top GOP Leaders Say","duration":"3:00","description":"Romney campaign would not comment on Romney's decision.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-picks-ryan-vp-top-gop-leaders-16983912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}