Ruth Madoff on Suicide Pact: 'Glad We Woke Up'

Bernie Madoff's wife says fallout from Ponzi scheme was 'horrendous.'
2:37 | 10/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ruth Madoff on Suicide Pact: 'Glad We Woke Up'
Bombshell comes from Ruth made -- was just granted her first TV interview in which she said that shortly after her husband achieved international infamy. As an emblem of her patients greed the couple basically formed a joint suicide pact. She is the wife of America's most hated man. A woman whose picture we've seen those who voice we have not heard -- now in this interview with CBS news sixty minutes. I don't know and whose idea was. What -- decided to kill ourselves because. It was. It was so horrendous. What was happening we had terrible phone calls -- now. Just behind. And I can't I just can't call -- -- -- It was Christmas Eve 2008 she says two weeks after the scandal broke He says they took Ambien a sleeping pill. And -- -- -- the anti anxiety drug. He took pills. And woke up the next it here. It was very impulsive. And I'm Glenn woke up. This morning however skepticism about Ruth Madoff story from this man who as they head of their private security firm. Hired to guard -- made -- during their house arrest and who was inside their apartment until 7 o'clock. On that Christmas -- Sitting there with them talking. I didn't see anything. Unusual she may be telling the truth. But either way she's trying to get the American public to see her as a sympathetic figure for the first time. No comment this morning from Stephanie made -- -- the widow of Mark -- who killed himself last year she recently spoke to Robin Roberts or. About -- in this live exclusive. Me I really have a difficult time understanding some of the choices she made no doubt did she loves mark very much but. Unfortunately I feel that she might have loved -- anymore. It's worth noting Bernie Madoff has made seemingly conflicting statements about suicide telling New York magazine He did not consider killing himself. After his own son did -- -- saying it's just not the way I am. But telling the New York Times overnight that suicide had quote crossed my mind after his initial arrest. And it is also worth noting that while Ruth Madoff says she and her husband tried to kill themselves because they were distraught over his crimes Bernie -- -- himself. Has not expressed much public remorse other than a brief statement He read in court. When He was trying to get a lower sentence.

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{"id":14824127,"title":"Ruth Madoff on Suicide Pact: 'Glad We Woke Up'","duration":"2:37","description":"Bernie Madoff's wife says fallout from Ponzi scheme was 'horrendous.'","url":"/GMA/video/ruth-madoff-double-suicide-husband-bernie-glad-woke-14824127","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}