Ruth Madoff: I 'Trusted' Bernie

Bernie Madoff's wife explains staying with husband despite sons' pleas to leave.
3:03 | 10/31/11

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Transcript for Ruth Madoff: I 'Trusted' Bernie
And it Bernie Madoff wife Ruth and surviving son are speaking out about life with the disgraced former Wall Street whiz who whipped up the biggest Ponzi scheme ever. And what they knew about it. ABC's Dan Harris -- -- all the details on this -- -- -- good morning to you you know we knew Bernie -- victimized his investors leaving hundreds of them broke and a -- what this interview with his son and his wife reveals. Is that made up also victimize his own loved ones leaving behind a family. Disintegration. Of Shakespearean proportions. -- -- been reclusive for so long but now Ruth Madoff is opening up in her first television interview on CBS news sixty minutes. In which she insists she never knew about her husband -- Massive Ponzi scheme. I trusted him why would -- -- -- think. That there was something. Sinister -- When you think how many people. Madoff school how many people believed in him. I don't know why people think it would have been so hard for him to fool the people who trusted him most his family. But why then did she leave Bernie what's -- -- it didn't reveal a just knew this man for so long -- my love so many years. I didn't know what -- to the tube but state. She stood by her husband even when their two sons Andrew and mark vehemently at bitterly protest it. -- -- -- -- Barely spoke for. Two years. -- struggled tremendously trying to understand. Her decision to stay by my father's side. -- Felt so angry with him so I didn't understand it her choice. And I struggle with that as -- mark. Mark killed himself last year his widow Stephanie tells ABC news it was a suicide motivated in large measure because of the anguish and anger he felt toward his mother. If I could change things at least try try. I would've felt a little. -- -- -- And we could. -- -- -- -- -- -- has reconciled with her surviving son Andrew but Andrew says he will never forgive. His father. We needed to me. To my brother and my family is unforgivable. What he did. Thousands of other people destroyed their lives. I'll never understand it and I'll never forgive -- for and -- numbers because there. Ultimately after her son killed himself Reid made up broke -- ties to -- husband she reportedly visited -- in prison and explain they could never speaking again initially Bernie agreed but then he continued to call and write her. Ultimately she reportedly had to change her phone number.

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{"id":14848570,"title":"Ruth Madoff: I 'Trusted' Bernie","duration":"3:03","description":"Bernie Madoff's wife explains staying with husband despite sons' pleas to leave.","url":"/GMA/video/ruth-madoff-trusted-bernie-14848570","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}