Ryan Seacrest's 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' Preview

Host of Dick Clark's holiday special explains what you can expect to see.
5:17 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for Ryan Seacrest's 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' Preview
Like to -- at times where's our backyard but there -- one timing here that we actually share with someone who's pretty wonderful. Ryan Seacrest my body -- -- -- this morning because I heard you were up here. Yesterday now tell me right do you actually really check out the ball every year before the big event. Yes as a matter of fact I'm manually push it up and -- -- wanted to make sure won't get off doctor. -- that -- successful yesterday. Well -- and everybody would tell me Ryan was just here Ryan was just here on the by the way what's -- the big plan this year is relating god I think that tell me some of the other things that we're gonna -- It's the fortieth die anniversary special Dick Clark's new years -- -- he's been doing this for forty years so we've got. Lady Gaga alive as you mentioned also Justin Bieber who has a surprise -- his performance. Pit bull is going to be with us. As well as Jenny McCarthy hosting part of the -- of course Dick Clark will be back where he loves to -- each and every year it's five and a half hour shows him. So if you want -- comment pitches we'd love to have. I don't miss that show every year and you are the way we bring in that New Year's and I know that Josh is gonna talk to you a little bit more throughout the morning about some of the highlights of the show coming up. We -- live in times where high above. Everybody in our backyard this morning with a preview of the ball in right of course in the -- -- now. Back to the studio bank. -- -- The front there is relative monitored trying to figure opposite -- if he -- -- to handle the interview because I think composed itself but it you're giving -- less well I mean you know these wanna do this from the ball back down hit hey. I doubt about this is the place to be for the ultimate news -- fortieth anniversary as we just heard Dick Clark's new years rocking eve with Ryan Seacrest hosting. For seventh in a -- And we just heard some of the acts Brian and the first at least forty yeah I mean that's. Be yeah it's a big number I'm not there yet are you I I hate this it's in my whole life yeah it has been my -- And me you know it's it's -- -- become quite a tradition in American culture and. Dick I think started this -- doing -- version of American Bandstand in Philadelphia on -- and then turned into tradition here. City but I was out last night from the states together. And I feel like they're more people here in Times Square right now and oxen and a long time -- -- -- again we were expecting a million people endlessly the weather's gonna cooperate and we are just. Some of the acts. -- -- -- -- LM FAO pit pull out look these people could be anywhere making a lot of money on Halloween -- -- -- even out yet they're all agreeing to be apart of this show how do we Rangel all -- YTE extradition they they respect Dick Clark number one a lot of them like me grew up watching Dick Clark and loved to death. The the other thing is it's it's such a special night for performer they do awards shows -- to -- every invitation but there really is nothing like people mistake. Looking at a sea of a million people let alone the thirty million and -- watching -- ABC so we heard it's five and a half hour show. Obviously the anniversary. Addition. What are the special things are planned for fighting the special things are always those things were not planning. Honestly know you know the kind that Lady -- hats for her performance were. Actually not quite sure what the entire performance and -- Which kind of excites me. And -- you don't to have it both beaver and god and their followers talking about. Being in Times Square. It's it's pretty stagger if nothing else Twitter might actually implode. It might actually leading yes driver rating at each night and people are going to be fighting for -- -- -- of terror in the entire space continuum you mentioned -- Eighty years old going strong. Obviously you have a chance to deal with him throughout here's this celebration is planned housing deal. Good he looks forward to the secretary -- is. What have -- his favorites if not his favor united years are very much looks forward to being part of and the guy is still the boss he walks into the room and -- differ as well he -- he has -- wise -- a wise man. And we were just talking about the revenue streams obviously they want American Idol get ready for season. Eleven. You know Simon's out but Jennifer Lopez Steven Tyler both in and with all due respect to mr. tell it really didn't -- -- -- the beat. Well I'd I'd personally be assigned I think that the chemistry we had in the first season -- something special however it is. So rare I don't know if it happens like this in in many situations but the -- -- had incredible chemistry to the first season. And we were to sit together. A couple of days ago getting ready. Narrow it down to the contestants in the live shows talking about how well everybody -- -- Well we've got a real specific direction for what we're looking for this year as of -- they're there they're fun to work well yeah they're all very successful and they're all extremely. It different from person who -- -- one of America's nighttime families but you've conquered it all. There are reports -- be something of a morning person. Yes. I have a morning person -- -- -- -- morning radio show up every morning -- -- two point seven kiss FM Los Angeles would you like to be on very -- and I would as an LA native again. It is the fortieth and it anniversary and the fund starts tomorrow Dick Clark's new years -- -- with Ryan Seacrest 8 eastern right here. On ABC.

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{"id":15259369,"title":"Ryan Seacrest's 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' Preview","duration":"5:17","description":"Host of Dick Clark's holiday special explains what you can expect to see.","url":"/GMA/video/ryan-seacrests-dick-clarks-years-rockin-eve-preview-15259369","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}