Is There Too Much Salt in Supermarket Foods?

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the CDC's list of foods with high levels of sodium.
2:53 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Is There Too Much Salt in Supermarket Foods?
Surprising news about the hidden sodium in our food 90% of Americans -- more than the recommended amount a thousand milligrams more but it's not. What you have -- -- salt shaker that is the problem with assault in the food you buy the supermarket the Centers for Disease Control just released a list of top ten offenders. With a high levels of sodium doctor Richard Spencer is -- shows the expect the places where it is hiding. That is what is recommended chuck rich this is what we are taking that -- What's more than a thousand milligrams higher than what's recommended it's it's incredible high blood pressure heart disease you've got to cut back and it's a surprising places that we're finding it and what got me. Tree I was blown away by you know it's not the fried chicken it's not -- -- chicken this is raw chicken it's number -- on the -- it's got more salt habit then chips and pretzels. And the reason for that to maintain the flavor manufacturers will so be checking in salt water. So if you want to avoid that you have to buy organic or low sodium chicken so it's worth the extra cost because organic chickens felt this low price it's very pricey but you know what really got me. Number one on the list -- bread and rolls breads and rolls -- think you know no assaulted there. But it's hidden salt it's never -- -- list it accounts for 7%. Of all the sodium that we take it doesn't matter if it's a whole wheat or white Brenner we send a producer -- supermarket they looked at 38 brands it doesn't really matter I'm a big fan of whole wheat bread but you have to read the label to see it didn't have low -- all right so let's take a look at -- -- an average lunch okay. So you have a bowl of soup you have a ham and cheese sandwich -- have a salad. We'll first soup soup is number for number five on that list. 700 milligrams in the average poll of to me to -- You're seeing what you've got the -- we just talked about cold cuts which -- number two in the list cheese which is number seven. Put that together in seeing what you have 18100 milligrams. And then that sell it. A -- for you it's all about the dressing 150 milligrams. -- -- together and you've got just from your lunch 2700 Milligan. Is doing the right thing terrorists you think you have hit the suit the salad. You know something that's very recent assault -- tell us what can we did well -- the first thing is the more food you cook yourself. That are better because then you can -- -- add some salt for taste that's the way to go but beyond that it's all about the labels if you look at the front. You can see low sodium in that will will have some difference. But the key is turned them around if you turn them around. And learn how to read those nutrition facts if it doesn't take long he can make a big difference look here. -- -- 890 vs 140 milligrams you can have a major impact and -- if it doesn't taste -- have added -- yourself. Teaching kids how to do this fifteen seconds it can save your life just read the back the label can make all the difference he really can I really can't. You know it did there's been a lot of work into trying to make these simpler to read a lot of children in school are actually learning how to do this. Because you'll learn about your sodium you learn about your calories you fat so much for your -- great advice there rich thanks very much.

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{"id":15536933,"title":"Is There Too Much Salt in Supermarket Foods?","duration":"2:53","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses the CDC's list of foods with high levels of sodium.","url":"/GMA/video/salt-supermarket-foods-15536933","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}