Sam Champion Prepares for Season 2 of 'Sea Rescue'

Weather personality visits San Diego to preview heartwarming survival stories.
3:00 | 09/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sam Champion Prepares for Season 2 of 'Sea Rescue'
This is peanut the beaver. We're standing in a mockup bay station here at wild arctic in san diego. We're launching season two of "sea rescue." All are still getting into trouble and seaworld's the team to do it. But you may see new stories, coming up with other places, or other folks, make maybe peanut here. Today on "sea rescue." Season two, we have new exciting dramas from the deep. Dolphin strandings, wayward wails, and a sea lion with a shocking injury. Just some of the incredible stories from the seaworld rescue team. For the last four decades, this elite marine unit has saved over 20,000 animals. Like valentine. This adorable see lion washed It's not a natural illness, but a bullet, lodged in her shoulder. This to me is an act of cruelty. Reporter: It's a delicate surgery to remove the bullet. But that's what this team does best. And valentine recuperates at seaworld san diego, until it's time to go home. This sea rescue is a success. As valentine scrambles into the waters of the pacific, popping her head up one last time, maybe to say good-bye to the people who saved her life. One of the heartwarming stories of survival on season two of "sea rescue." We're back. So, there's an entire season two. pTHEY DOUBLED THE EPISODES AS Season one. Jodi, you know her from "sea rescue." She's one of the tough team member there's. This is a lot of dedication. A story like peanut's, by the way, whose family was attacked by bears. And is actually doing really well right now. It does take a lot of dedication. And I mean it when I say, the people that I work with, the team, they are my heroes. Peanut's family was actually -- she's the only survivor of a pear attack. These animals don't understand weekends or holidays or kids' birthdays. And the dedication of our seaworld team to the animals, it makes me proud. I'm proud to tell the stories that you work so hard to get accomplished here.

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{"id":17181570,"title":"Sam Champion Prepares for Season 2 of 'Sea Rescue'","duration":"3:00","description":"Weather personality visits San Diego to preview heartwarming survival stories.","url":"/GMA/video/sam-champion-prepares-season-sea-rescue-17181570","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}