Sandusky Lawyer Maintains Client's Innocence

Joe Amendola looks forward to proving Jerry Sandusky's innocence in court.
11:24 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Sandusky Lawyer Maintains Client's Innocence
So don't let me ask you first about talk about -- could. From a strategy. Going. For when he what -- up again -- -- -- You feel this is an uphill climb to it to it's -- very big uphill climb and really were flooding the system -- fighting a three year investigation. In which attorney general's office has accumulated what people need to realize that evidence against your recent us he indicated that he was a -- -- abuse case. And a program that it really has been held in high esteem -- -- here in central Pennsylvania but throughout the state for many many years -- in your mind. What is the difference between. But yet we have -- Jerry sandusky -- said that he showered with boys. -- them -- naked. Wrestle them on the floor. What is the difference between his conduct in a -- Had to file those those things it does much more for sexual reasons and in fact that's what the law defines as being the difference between committing -- not. I could touch somebody's life -- on doing is saying you know I really care -- you world think you're great person. There's no crime committed -- what types -- bodies like. With the intent to. Have some sort of sexual gratification -- offense and I think that's the key difference here that. I'm asking everyone to keep in mind as they evaluate the evidence in those cases his case goes for. There's very big difference between cherry putting his hand on somebody's me. Even a child's. And someone doing that with the explicit purpose of the -- purpose of allegations -- sexual gratification. Joseph why he have so much trouble answering the question. Are you attracted -- -- anybody -- Jerry sandusky. We'll tell you if you ask. You're asking anyone knows that when -- -- question you don't get a short answer. He got a lot of pauses a lot of reflection. And the answer even when it comes comes -- slowly. Are you comfortable enough to that that he didn't that you leave your nine year old son -- and -- idea yes you think he didn't do it yes. So you have eight victims alleged -- alleged victims. Heidi Heidi you'd go that -- victims with -- how do you -- individually -- obviously each one of these cases. The some of them -- -- similar and you look at some -- or some of them some of them -- different but -- -- what do you do. There are all different because the alleged we have different victims what I -- in every attorneys to have -- -- -- active is I. Basically separate charges and separate the alleged victims and I look at each -- and I say what's the real issue here for example. The first first case say what after it was inquiry case because everywhere one that's. The first question people ask how do you get around the queries saying that he walked into the shower. In solitary -- -- act this way. Actually it's very simple he's going after what the query really sad as opposed to the allegations. And so I went back to cherry. Jerry told me that this situation he said I don't -- -- when was. He said we're in -- our health exception was going on somebody walked in either he's hurting them when he saw who was. But a day later two days later he was called -- to Penn State's law offices by Tim Curley. And Tim Curley said without ever mentioning who the person was that someone has seen in -- -- with a young boy coursing around. And that was all for -- person felt comfortable in. To everybody's favorite cherry don't bring young -- -- -- Penn State chair -- or injuries stopped doing it at that point. But what's interesting about that is the young boy who I spoke to him. Said the reason he remembers. Is because -- came to him and -- said. Won't somebody from -- statement -- What we were doing -- our the other night and its political feud syndicated talk with them tell them what happened. And Jerry says that he gave him -- the name and number of that way. And enable them to political. Now to never call and I suspect that's because -- -- satisfied only with -- cancer. But he was satisfied based upon what he was pulled -- clear. And this is to most shocking part of this part of the case if you believe. Anyone believes that light -- -- went -- Joseph Paterno. Itself counsel Jerry sandusky engaging in explicit sex with a cumulative ten years old and then -- settlements have currently. Who has to want nationals. I find that credible and and those three people have to tell me that was told to. Before I would ever believe it I don't believe that -- never believed it. What you had I had Italy after that case first because that was the case if we broke. Would put the other cases the other allegations into perspective and for anyone to think that it might -- queries. Continued with the football team. And that it would continue to see Jerry sandusky. Two or three times a week of practice field and interact with. But participated in second -- activities where he was listed as one of the stars. If of that -- allegedly occurred -- absolute logic that someone could see something that horrific. That god awful. And not one do anything about it and number two continue to interface with the persons were doing it. Still played golf with. Not only played -- he was he participated in second welcome two months shook hands of -- -- should cancel them. Raise money help raise money for troubled kids who now says. He -- -- opinions and -- terrible way and it just defies explanation. And and anyone out there with with any reasonable common sense who knows Joseph Paterno who knows Tim Curley -- those Gary Schultz. Has to say. We can't believe if that happens we can't believe that those folks were told that sort of thing and I think by the time we're done with the preliminary hearing -- case. It will be pretty much -- and once that happens and the Penn State people are vindicated and Joseph Turner's decision vindicated. -- what is -- atrocities why they rush to judgment why they do what they did. Fire Joseph Paterno on -- can firing due -- -- -- based applications. Before anyone even had -- court fired university friends. Which is absolutely unbelievable that they would take actions -- intelligent -- what do people. And he took that drastic action based upon allegations that have been approved -- -- -- -- The other one says he can -- opponents attorney says he's gonna testify. What is their unique about that case acute that leaves an opening for -- Well a couple things one he was and other troubled kid in Jerry believes those who he is remember we don't even have officially names yet. All we have is the same information you folks we have that 23 page percent. But Jerry believes very strongly in -- -- -- ideas Anderson is the person he thinks it is. They -- and I stopped to cherries themselves according to cherry two years ago with his girlfriend and newborn child. And met with Jerry and his wife -- And said then that I want Hobson -- little warning to the party here I want you to be poor or. And -- says he's mystified petition and went forward and secretary gauge -- these activities without. And again we're a credibility issue and again this was a troubled kid who cherry wood -- -- -- to -- who wanted to protect us. The 1990 case we talk about this the other day. Why do you believe it was not prosecuted. It's very simple because there was insufficient evidence and I say that I've been in this this area for thirty years as a as a -- And Penn state police are very diligent and investigations into any sort of criminal offense this is -- college to use the chargers often. And -- traveler who was -- investigator in the case was an experience. Veterans very very efficient investigator. And when he finished his investigation he gave the cases the information to our district attorney Avery creek war who disappeared. -- was a professional. Prosecutors he'd been in Cleveland DA's office he was not political he didn't he didn't favor anybody -- go to political violence. -- care who you war including if you were coach -- Tennessee football if you committed a crime he would prosecute him and when he looked at that case. What they decided going back to what I said earlier is that Kerry being in the shower with this kid giving -- -- -- without any inference of sexual intent. Sexual gratification. Did rise to criminal conduct. And after investigating. That situation and after determining. That that was the case they decided not to prosecute it's really that simple -- made a big deal. But the bottom line since there -- evidence will be -- showed is what curious it happens all these other situation. Where yes he was emotional as he was physical these kids but there was never any sexual -- And every sexual intent to -- to somehow obtain sexual gratification from whatever he -- to put the police heard him. Apologize to them mom. Begged for forgiveness. Saying he probably won't have African. -- -- -- -- -- He did say I believe that my genitals to touch -- little thing. But he seemed to be admitting -- -- Cherry is jury's answers many many times today and to other people witnessed. What occurred was -- when he went to that woman's house. Here after she saw her -- -- would come back with her son she answers when it happened he says cherry that she hours to work -- She became very angry and she was very -- -- She was yelling and screaming -- and he was trying to placate -- But what he apologize for -- why he wasn't prosecuted. He apologized for bureau -- the only guy in the shower. Not because he had any sort of sex withdrew because he had any sort of set -- But simply because the woman was so outraged that your would -- hour with her son that he said show like this -- and apologized. And that's what he apologized for that's what the police are and that's what -- the -- and that's why he was prosecuted. There's Eddie Eddie Eddie confessed to I did something sexual he wouldn't prosecute and the police -- -- tactic. Very often where they bring during a police officer to Ohio where that was found as a victim -- purported victim or somebody definitely. Quizzes the accused and and and basically tries to get accused of that he -- well what else is interest yet. That young boy now a young man. Remained friends with Jerry sandusky. And still lives to this day. That young god would come -- to visit. And -- -- chairs and secure areas life. Which -- there would bar insurers car and that that was happening right up until -- to -- injury was charged.

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{"id":15009988,"title":"Sandusky Lawyer Maintains Client's Innocence","duration":"11:24","description":"Joe Amendola looks forward to proving Jerry Sandusky's innocence in court.","url":"/GMA/video/sandusky-lawyer-maintains-clients-innocence-15009988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}