Sarah Hyland's New Disney Movie 'Geek Charming'

Actress who plays Hayley Dunphy on 'Modern Family' discusses her new role.
4:29 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sarah Hyland's New Disney Movie 'Geek Charming'
She plays the adorable Hayley don't feel on modern family and now Sarah -- is starring in -- Disney Channel original movie called. Geek charming where she plays a -- the high school girl who ends up in an unlikely alliance -- -- school. Teach so -- penalty -- and this is a modern takes -- personal welcome to good morning and -- your -- a lot of treating -- might -- breaking news and now to the -- safe environment for at least about working on modern family at -- -- chaotic and battery -- I want to talk to about this move because it is a modern take on prince charming. Mountain done and really sort of clever way that -- -- will will relate to you can you tell us look at about it. -- do well in prince -- this cake its -- charming and down. About very popular savvy rich girl who lab pairs up -- -- the film peak of the school Joshua Clay Bennett quake -- pro cop. And and -- music chatted to get what they want she wants -- blossom -- He wants to in this film. Festival and -- and could have -- -- -- being who you why instead of what you think people want you to be so. -- we find out that she's not nearly as not be as we might have thought and by the way. That is that hottest -- I've ever seen. -- How to working with your real life boyfriend it was so much fun it -- it's just nice to have your best -- -- -- if you're having a bad day if you're tired and just to be able to go into a -- talk about it. With your best friend instead of just an actor that you're working it and you may have not afford cell it was the last. Was there -- awkward moments when you either had scene where unity yelling each -- scenery hadn't smooch I am. There's always acting sinks sell on many -- -- -- as seen. No idea there doesn't seem where they're like climbing up the hill like this -- And He I had was on his back and acts the entire time in the open not -- the well -- him -- a total stranger you hear your character -- -- -- noticing it definitely has some parallels. To your TV persona yet. Let's talk about last night's episode you and your dad played by -- -- Go see. A college He seems to be little more intimate than than you're. Welcome -- -- and how do you keep a straight face when He sounds silly and funny it's hard at heart actually He is. Amazing. And I -- last night's episode with their chicken wings off Aaron thing. This. -- that I had like 35 signaling that that do you feel you reading scripts that the show is just getting better. And better we have amazing writers and they cannot let -- -- Reginald. Funny things that as it boggles my mind I'm so grateful for the writers that we have on Russia -- wanted to have wanted to get -- -- -- because. It is really adorable we do have a clip can -- set up what we're about to say. I don't know where about a single day it's a good exploration of your character take a look at the. Why so determined the Boston. Because it's the best way to ensure lifelong popularity. Aren't you already popular. And He has his defense and -- -- that I give them the commercials and water skiing payments. I don't panic and even. Defense and is already number one they don't need to add ice but they do fifteen of them might get got -- that. Everyone think sells that pop. -- not -- thousands of smart mini actually if they wanted to add something cooking popular -- soon not. It's like royalty are being the first me. This is more movie -- and they still on had a tendency to. -- -- French words in her English like some French tools like and it's. Like Spain is that what -- had enough tell us who accompanied him before. Spartan cheerleader is mr. eighteen Khaled -- we at think we're going to be all act. I share with constant change yes we have seen -- Sarah highland everybody. Check out geek Chiming Disney Channel original premieres November 11 -- of course modern family of Wednesday's -- 998 central right here on -- -- thanks for being and I thank you for having me.

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{"id":14778154,"title":"Sarah Hyland's New Disney Movie 'Geek Charming' ","duration":"4:29","description":"Actress who plays Hayley Dunphy on 'Modern Family' discusses her new role.","url":"/GMA/video/sarah-hylands-modern-family-backstage-secrets-disney-movie-geek-charming-14778154","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}