Sean Penn vs. Prince William

The actor is taking heat for comments made about the prince's training mission.
2:23 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Sean Penn vs. Prince William
That's surprising battle between Sean Penn and Prince William the Oscar winner is taking all kinds of -- for taking on Williams training mission in the Falkland Islands. And he -- -- -- is covering the controversy from London and -- nothing from the prince yet. But just about everyone else in Great Britain is weighing in against -- George he has become shown -- the punching bag over here in London. And listen we're coming up on the thirtieth anniversary of the -- war there's a lot of Saber rattling there's old wounds opening the brits have deployed a battleship. And I'm Sean Penn has Wei -- right into the middle. This toxic geo political soup. They're demonstrating in Argentina the brits have sent Prince William to these TP sleepy eyelids. Just coincidence you understand -- and rescue. Cute celebrity death match Prince William against showroom and the world today is not going to. And -- tolerate any kind of ludicrous. And archaic. Commitment to. Colonial list ideology -- on a tour of South America is getting old Harvey Milk -- back. -- Even criticizing Williams deployment to what he sees the suction spilled blood. This usually mild mannered British TV present -- Victorian ball on Christmas special you'll defeat and for the quick. British politician called the comments in the -- A good number of his movies have been -- -- -- and peace said I suppose we shouldn't expect much better coming out of his -- president more than. Hasn't he seen Dead Man Walking east -- -- other good actor. I don't think he's like a lot of stars who says these things to get attention. This is a guy who talks the talk but he also walks the walk. Because over a lot of good in places like. He has he earned the right. Just I don't you kind of wonder. How we would feel we're in America if for British actor came over and told us about how we should run our system of government Hugh Grant might have explosive views on obamacare. May be -- and pretzel fired up about budget deficit. -- -- and just hit back Mario mine aren't people sensitive to the word colonialism. Some of my countrymen. Can on the -- in the -- And any reaction from William or the royal family absolutely. Not I can only imagine that right now -- the palace there mustering. Beneath one's dignity there's no way they -- to get into a spat with some Hollywood actor with a mustache and left wing -- And I think Sean -- loving every single second of -- -- what thanks very much I think you're right about that George.

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{"id":15674537,"title":"Sean Penn vs. Prince William ","duration":"2:23","description":"The actor is taking heat for comments made about the prince's training mission.","url":"/GMA/video/sean-penn-prince-william-falkland-islands-training-mission-15674537","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}