Secret Savings for Christmas Meals

Bianna Golodryga reveals where you can find the best deals for a great feast.
4:05 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Secret Savings for Christmas Meals
-- -- some serious savings right now be -- -- -- acknowledging his save us here. Together and it didn't look into the -- behind the blood started -- hosting over the holidays we have lots of great ideas on how to help. You stock up on the savings. You'll be surprised though we found bargains eat -- high end items that are sure don't press your holiday guests. -- this season for cookies cakes and candy. When it comes to your holiday food shopping where you get the most -- for you Bob. From all retailers to warehouse stores their secret -- -- savings they had. So we enlisted the help -- consumer savings expert Andrea -- -- in our search and -- up by nonperishable items such as wine and chocolate. From a warehouse store like caused voters you know I don't think many people think of possibly donating its clients -- the suspected -- can -- -- -- Yes a lot of people run to the grocery store sale of the drug starlet and -- grab some chocolates for a holiday party and -- -- ago. He can get a lot more for your money like these -- shaped chocolates. For 999 you can get a box of 48 -- that Moscow and the average retail price is the same but you'll only get fifteen pieces. Once you've stocked up on holiday chocolate head to the lines job you can stock up for your holiday party grab a few extra bottles to give -- the -- -- -- Our co worker and you can really save a bundle up and -- -- deals directly with wineries buying in bulk. This allows them to offer name brands at up to 30% less. In this -- one and a half liter bottle is being sold for 1039. You're getting half the quantities for about the same price at the local liquor stores. If some of those holiday -- turn into overnight guests they're gonna wanna have breakfast. Incomes target in the big bargains you say are in things like cereals and milk right yes and what's nice to is that target. Offers their own branded generic version -- ten to 30% less than you'd find at the grocery store so you get the name brands for west plus a generic brands -- even lower exactly. Take these frosted mini weeks -- -- 44 for the name brand and that we fourteen for the target grant. Savings either way since -- can run new upwards of six dollars at the market under any drug stores like Rite Aid are getting in on -- reaction. From reward cards to extra holiday circular they can be a great place for saving -- Italian. Expect to pay more art but in fact you're finding better deals at the drugstores. Agnes higher close to 30% less -- at the grocery store. We found -- dozen eggs for a dollar and 89. And let's forget the great deals to be had in neighborhoods supermarkets like Morton Williams. Instead of heading to the bakery section for your holiday desserts. Try buying the ingredients and making it yourself. -- -- convenient and for the packaging. If you -- to purchase all the ingredients separately for -- -- -- holiday cupcake. You're looking at a hundred to 300% savings 48 of these mini suites costs 699. With a little investigating we found this cake mix on sale. Once you buy that and the frosting you looking at a savings of knees up to three dollars but if you sweet tooth needs a break consider doing the same thing with food. This -- -- cost nearly eighteen dollars. We're just a couple of dollars more of find the truth and cut them up yourself you can get triple the amount for the same price. Your guests and you wallet will thank you. This is interesting George who went to a lot of places we -- in the grocery store for -- his UC places like costs go and even Friday. Offer bargain deals you -- I in the grocery store really seem that those are more expensive and cost I think you might be interested in this the largest distributor of wine. In the country so that's why -- want to go there aren't any country that's right. That you're you're wanting to entertain guests are a lot of restaurant owners are actually going there and getting some great deals on they were great kids got thanks very much.

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{"id":15220457,"title":"Secret Savings for Christmas Meals","duration":"4:05","description":"Bianna Golodryga reveals where you can find the best deals for a great feast.","url":"/GMA/video/secret-savings-christmas-meals-15220457","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}