No senators need apply: Tea Party hero Scott Walker on 2016

The Wisconsin Republican on his 2011 showdown and the way forward for the GOP
4:58 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for No senators need apply: Tea Party hero Scott Walker on 2016
Hello welcome to politics confidential I'm Jonathan Karl in coming -- -- from the governor's mansion in Madison Wisconsin joined. By governor Scott Walker thank you so much for taking time to talk to us greeted with him. When you were elected in 2010 you were something of it. Tea Party hero within through this whole showdown became even more so. What do you make of the Tea Party movement now -- -- tarnished in many ways certainly battered in the polls blamed for the government shut down. I don't think it's a movement that's -- I think what brought people together few years back. Was a general frustration. And then over time you start to bring in -- all these divergent. Different views and it's -- I think the federal government is too large I think it's too expansive is too intrusive in our life. But I think for what's left for what's necessary it should work so the Republicans. Who. Push to that strategy made a mistake I think so I meant was tech crew what I've learned as a as a as a governor is that you get edited. One of them most ridiculous moments -- it certainly personally embarrassing to you was when you had that call from somebody pretending to be. Billionaire David -- -- David cold hearted -- -- yourself. The reason we initially returned the call was because his company actually is one of our larger employers particularly in Green Bay, Wisconsin and so it was a rather bizarre. Calls the call went on. And you know you can let your guard down. You get a few of the radical ones -- unfortunately one of of the -- -- minority leader but most progressive com or just look at truly united this. Let's take David -- Cystic about -- but to get a baseball -- -- to be -- -- a baseball -- -- opponents of baseball -- That's what I'd have wanted my our distributor -- -- to -- -- my mind. You kind of played along and I said in a -- about the other was when -- given me in the -- in the end it even made some suggestions about things that should be done. But that -- moment for me. Was clearly one of the most embarrassing to meet that -- the low point for it was because a little bit of it and I think in the couple days before that there was an awful lot of talk. Not just about what we're do -- -- but about me personally and I think in a way. A little bit that had gone in my head in so for me it was rather public OK so your book you are incredibly harsh in talking about Mitt Romney. You portray Romney is this anti Reagan say. Reagan did not dismiss 47% of the country's function bleachers and that's a great. As a supporter of his I think he -- been an actual press and I think one of the challenges of his campaign. Was this idea that that the perception from the campaign was that Ronald Reagan won in 1980. Almost exclusively on the premise. That great question are you better off. And you were four years ago. What's missing -- that is the fact that. Ronald Reagan did basis entire campaign of that quote that was essentially his closing argument the last debate that was in exasperation. Campaign out there I think that was the missing agreed in this campaign. Was that Mitt Romney was hoping. That the anti war so dissatisfied with Barack Obama they would -- the countries -- in the right direction. But in the end that's not enough voters need to know that you've got something better. So describe for me the ideal Republican presidential candidate when he sixty I think both the presidential vice president nominee should either be a former or current governor so that rules out Marco Rubio rules -- Ted -- -- -- out Rand Paul. All good guys but in this election for the the perfect Republican nominee it's gotta be somebody who's viewed as being. Exceptionally removed from -- You're criteria also -- Paul -- Yeah I love Paul of Paul Ryan if if you had a fan club -- -- the president. I was at what -- -- presidential candidate -- basically I would pick if I could. Magically the perfect ticket I picked both -- governor for the presidential nominee and for the vice presidential nominee. You know back in 1992. A lot of people question the southern strategy of why Bill Clinton would have put another southern of the ticket. -- in the -- the larger message I thought Becton was -- use it was a contrast. To what people felt was more around this time more old school more traditional. That was kind of magic sauce to said the message that they were to shake things up are you going to take a look at running for president. 2016 at the bottom line is -- governor I will be focused have been I understand. I'm not gonna worry about anything else but certainly not only. I rulings for her I said if anything I'd love to be president -- -- relatives of and accessible on the. It's -- -- -- they are right Governor Walker thank you very much appreciate your time if you. And that's it for politics confidential for ABC news Yahoo! News I'm Jonathan Karl thanks for watching. You can follow me all week long on Twitter at John Carl. On FaceBook -- -- next.

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{"id":20907691,"title":"No senators need apply: Tea Party hero Scott Walker on 2016","duration":"4:58","description":"The Wisconsin Republican on his 2011 showdown and the way forward for the GOP","url":"/GMA/video/senators-apply-tea-party-hero-scott-walker-2016-20907691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}