Serial Sorority Rapist: Who's Behind the Attacks?

Texas officials say someone is targeting women from the same college sorority.
2:17 | 10/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Serial Sorority Rapist: Who's Behind the Attacks?
Return now to the hunt in Texas for a serial rapists who police say may be targeting women from the same college sorority. He has assaulted at least four women so far and sorority members in the Dallas area. Are being warned to take extra safety precautions right now ABC's Brian -- has the latest from there good morning Brian. Good morning to you Robin yeah it's pretty remarkable the national sorority is warning its members down here not to display their Greek letters no sweat shirts. No bumper stickers. That's because police say this man is targeting the sorority and no one is quite sure how. Or why. Three Texas police departments are desperate to find this one man. Cops don't know who He is -- say He seems to know a lot about the women he's accused of -- thing. This man seemed to know some information about them right apparently He knows them or something about them. The nature of how He knows them we're still inside tried to investigate that -- Here's what police do know though for attacks happened in Dallas suburbs over the last eleven months. All four women are African American. In their mid fifties to mid sixties and were assaulted at night in their homes. All were also members of the delta sigma Theta sorority. This is a very unusual rapists because rapists don't usually targets specific people for any particular reason that you should -- Victims that are just in their neighborhood and that are convenient. Police aren't sure how he's choosing his victims but the sororities national headquarters in Washington isn't taking any chances. Warning north Texas women not to -- their Greek letters. And to remove key chains and bumper stickers the predominantly black sorority has a proud history. Boasting up quarter of a million members. Among them the first black woman ever to serve in congress the first black female general in the US army. And planning -- famous faces from Natalie Cole to Aretha Franklin. Police here say they're suspects shouldn't be hard to find he's a very big man almost 300 pounds. As you saw they've caught him on tape -- Robin they'd like to put him in cuffs and soon. All right -- thank you very much.

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{"id":14808229,"title":"Serial Sorority Rapist: Who's Behind the Attacks?","duration":"2:17","description":"Texas officials say someone is targeting women from the same college sorority.","url":"/GMA/video/serial-sorority-rapist-whos-attacks-14808229","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}