Sesame Street Characters Start Propagating Healthy Living

New character Dr. Ruster is meant to help teach kids about healthy eating.
3:00 | 01/25/14

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Transcript for Sesame Street Characters Start Propagating Healthy Living
they've helped generations of kids learn their Numbers and ABCs well now they're on a new mission to convince tots to eat the color of the rainbow all with the help of a new character and Reena ninan has more. I like the new character. There is a new friend on "Sesame street" Dr. Rooster helping them to whip the gang into shape and teach kids what it means to live a healthy life. Cookie monster? Mm-mm. Reporter: How about veggie monster. ♪ Because you always got to eat fruit, veggies or meat if you want to be healthy and strong. Reporter: They may be trading in their favorite treats. Only cookies all wrong. Reporter: For some healthier options hoping that young viewers will follow in the footsteps of their furry friends. And I am here with the world famous Dr. Rooster. Reporter: Meet the newest addition to the family. Keep our body healthy and strong. Reporter: This cardiologist partnered with the "Sesame street" workshop to teach children around the world healthy habits. The results a muppetized md character fashioned after himself. He says, take care of your several. Health is important for your life. Reporter: My old friends on "Sesame street" may be getting a mini makeover. I am so impressed. But will regulating the blue monster's cookie intake really do the treat? When it comes to kids' health a three-year experiment put his theories to the test. We decided to teach health over a period of 70 hours in six months and the results of this project have been outstanding. Reporter: The study presented to the American heart association in November shows that the percentage of kids at a healthy weight rose 13% over the three-year period. The program currently educates 50,000 children in Colombia an Spain. So successful it's coming to new York later this year. My 3-year-old talks about healthy foods all the time. The problem is his mother is addicted to sugary cereals. Throws it all out the window so do as I say, jack, not as a do. Prim hive statistics. Seems to really be working abroad. You got to meet grover. I know. It was like, what was that. Grover. I'm in love with grover. It's one of the perks. It's a total perk. Just so you now I'm chief "Sesame street" correspondent. That's what I was going to ask. Thanks. Surf's up. Way up speaking of monsters.

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{"id":21793830,"title":"Sesame Street Characters Start Propagating Healthy Living","duration":"3:00","description":"New character Dr. Ruster is meant to help teach kids about healthy eating.","url":"/GMA/video/sesame-street-characters-start-propagating-healthy-living-21793830","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}