Severe weather, blizzard conditions move east

The winter storm that caused deadly mudslides in California wreaked havoc on the Midwest and is now bringing snow, rain and heavy winds to the East.
1:48 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Severe weather, blizzard conditions move east
We do want to move to that winter storm that's on the move. It caused those devastating mudslides in California. It is wreaking havoc on the midwest and now it's roaring east with snow, heavy rain and strong winds and, ginger, the dangerous weather spans from Texas to Maine. Yes, and schools already closed this morning from Memphis area up through Indianapolis thanks to that pink on the radar or due to that, not thanks to it but look at this. The stretching wind advisories to the flood watches and warnings from Connecticut and Massachusetts back to Texas and Alabama. Overnight, weather whiteout. Howling winds at 40 miles per hour. Plus, snow and freezing rain. The cold suck, that's for sure. Reporter: This car in Missouri losing traction on the inner state swerving across I-29 with a fresh 2 to 4 inches doing a full 180 before coming to rest on the shoulder. It's real slippery out there. Reporter: Vehicles forced off the roads like this car in north Dakota. Accidents in chippewa county, Wisconsin, and for those still on the streets, a sea of white. Their only view as visibility dropped to near zero. Some needing an extra assist to get going. So what makes this tough is it's not just snow from parts of M mid-michigan say back through ft. Wayne and into misbut it's snow plus ice. When that freezing rain comes down and hits the subfreezing air or surfaces and it freezes on contact and that's when you get that accumulating ice and that's what we're concerned about even going into tonight. New York City, heavy rain and thunderstorms, Raleigh could hear thunder overnight. The ice then moves east and if you have any travel plans from parts of eastern Pennsylvania through interior new England, especially the higher elevations, very icy conditions on your Saturday if you're driving around, guys. All right, ginger, we should pay attention to any warnings. Thank you very much, Michael.

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{"id":52302655,"title":"Severe weather, blizzard conditions move east","duration":"1:48","description":"The winter storm that caused deadly mudslides in California wreaked havoc on the Midwest and is now bringing snow, rain and heavy winds to the East.","url":"/GMA/video/severe-weather-blizzard-conditions-move-east-52302655","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}