Sexism in the White House?

Condoleezza Rice discusses her experience in Bush Administration.
3:47 | 11/04/11

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Transcript for Sexism in the White House?
It was a book written about the White House recently that president Obama's White House and saying that that women accusing the administration not treating women appropriately and fairly -- You told -- story of an encounter with that senator boxer. At a hearing where she and and she basically accused -- of not understanding what families feel because you're not a mother herself and do you feel that there was sexism and in Washington in the White House when you were there -- well. I -- a good senator boxer's comment I thought was just bizarre because the idea that you somehow not fit for leadership because you haven't had kids I think it's something that. Most women which would find odd. But in our White House I we had very strong powerful women Karen Hughes who was that time that different presents first director of communications. I was there Margaret Spellings who was domestic policy advisor. And may not have a view about two when -- when your national security advisor -- secretary of state. If you're allowing somebody to treat you badly because -- -- -- it's your problem not -- Women we have to be careful not to impact lives ourselves and two. Somehow I'm not be -- -- And he recanted -- a few times throughout the book once set out to me about your driver Otis when he would talk about his weekends with his family and his daughter. And do you said he felt lonely at times when you hear about things like that do you feel -- you have to sacrifice some some personal life and in -- to to get where you. Did so well when you when -- secular state I don't care if you're married with ten kids you sacrifice your personal life because -- on airplanes all the time and and that was really a story about having lost conception of weekend but I have a very full life I have great friends and wonderful family I -- my music I lost my. Teaching at the university professor and I left my golf my foot -- as well he picked up by yes but my my view is that if I didn't. Failed to get married yet. Because. I somehow made sacrifices ice would never really met anyone I wanted to to live with. And maybe I still will but I have had a full and wonderful life and god willing it has a ways to go still. We wish you all the best and in your book you talk about that give your parents alive and and how you wish that they were able to see what you -- accomplished. A woman a black woman from segregated Alabama achieve what she's achieved in this country many times you say. What a country only in America. When you -- things like Occupy Wall Street right now on the protests do you think that we're losing that that sense that anything is possible in this country -- -- Just come with the territory and democracy this country started to protest anyway and whether it's people who want to build the street to people who. I would hope would take the -- of doing this -- -- democratic institutions -- we do have the right. If we don't like her leadership to change it. But there is in our country right now a kind of lack of confidence about whether or not. The idea that -- -- court to us it doesn't matter where you came from matters where you're going you can come from humble circumstances you can do great things. -- people -- a little bit but that's not fundamentally true for every child who's to blame for. Well it's so long that systemic. Decline you know it's a lack of excellence first and foremost in K12 education in what I love about being at Stanford. Is that I could stand in front of the Stanford class and its fourth generation Stanford legacy and an itinerant -- farmworkers -- That's got to continue to be the way that we deal with the issue of class -- classes have never been locked in stone. You can start in the -- and become the highest and we've just got to get back.

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{"id":14885618,"title":"Sexism in the White House?","duration":"3:47","description":"Condoleezza Rice discusses her experience in Bush Administration.","url":"/GMA/video/sexism-white-house-14885618","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}