Woodley, Spencer Discuss Golden Globe Nods

Actresses phone-in to "GMA" shortly after learning of their nominations.
4:47 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Woodley, Spencer Discuss Golden Globe Nods
Golden Globes on Hollywood's awards season kicked off just moments ago nominations for the sixty ninth year the -- there are lots -- hot races. Maybe a surprise or two Hollywood handicap for Chris Connelly get a break it all -- your take. Like -- I Cray and Intel in Georgia it's not you know a lot of these movies people have not seen yet. So it's kind of strange to hear that there are in the best movie of the year but they are. As -- so I got the Hollywood foreign press just told us a very chaotic awards season so far a lot of movies we'll see what the audience decide where the audience decided. Slum dog millionaire King's Speech was investment but this is like the first cut this is like watching the cast list be posted -- -- High School Musical. Like watching who makes the varsity and who doesn't so we'll see what happens. I'm just looking at best drama here right now you've got all the heavyweights -- George Clooney descendants you've got Stephen Spielberg he did warlords Brad -- did money ball Martin Scorsese did Hugo and then -- George Clooney directed movie by. -- -- -- marks a big day for -- it's it's it's a big day you can always count on the Hollywood foreign press to find the big stars in the given the acknowledgment they deserve. In best actor we see three of the A list actors there -- Hollywood getting nominated George Clooney for the descendants. Leonardo DiCaprio for. Now another -- more so I'm being told we have -- Woodley on the phone she of course is and that the descendants of Jorge glaciers on Good Morning America just a couple weeks ago. Her first film is the descendants now you have a nomination. Daily congratulations. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Hello hello are you wearing when you heard you got now -- The nice -- -- Being on the -- with George obviously gives you a chance to study one of Hollywood's most talented actors. What do you think you learn from him while watching him work during the descendants. How my -- how much not only did they get you know any human being late Larry hit professionalism he still for accurate but to get out there and never -- trailer only done that kind of felt lucky. And -- just said concession incredible ride for you to get this on your first. First film and and is -- silly you're expecting to get this nomination is still coming -- as an absolute thrill. Not at -- on time it's not me me and it's no endlessly grateful for the Hollywood foreign press and bailing -- the not a it's been such a magical ride in the last few months and then their life changing in the -- to know why you're like something is not -- I'm Mike big beady little -- that day. Enjoy every minute an -- congratulations again and I'm sure it's just the beginning. -- -- -- Chris what else -- got -- we are quite a war going on in in the actress categories which are really are our big enormously impressive all the way around. Actress drama we've got Glenn Close for Albert -- you haven't seen that movie -- put -- well. This plays a man Viola Davis for the help she was tremendous as an excellent chance to -- Merrill Streep is back again this time playing Margaret Thatcher in the iron lady. Tilda Swinton -- we need to talk about Kevin and Rooney Mara. For the girl with the dragon that is due on Danielle and singing up a few well it's gonna be great yeah yeah we only have a few seconds we do want to bring in one of the nominees -- -- Spencer from help. Congratulations Octavia. Com thank -- so I think variety. Well as I'm sure it -- that movie was so -- test is great to have you all here as well we only have. A couple of seconds left but what was your first reaction when he got that call. I I I literally just got -- -- about property -- big problem so I'm still. Still. Basically coming down -- he will be up out of my league my publicist I'm overwhelmed didn't and but -- I wanna know who's been nominated -- toll would be a violent Jessica. As we got news -- didn't have the nominations. -- -- This president -- be your evidence -- -- -- against Jessica -- -- and then -- sailing bluntly it's gonna be -- -- -- impressive impressive group Europe again I think notes it is going to be sucked star power Isaak who's the first person you're gonna call and tell about your nomination as the first person you want to -- now. I -- I -- what my family and they're all on the it feels better already gone to work -- I think -- just going to. How little coffee and wait. Government if it didn't try to help -- Enjoy that coffee -- -- thank you very much congratulations and -- Around with the.

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{"id":15161360,"title":"Woodley, Spencer Discuss Golden Globe Nods","duration":"4:47","description":"Actresses phone-in to \"GMA\" shortly after learning of their nominations.","url":"/GMA/video/shailene-woodley-lara-spencer-discuss-golden-globe-nominations-15161360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}