Sharks Attack Early This Year

A series of increased shark attacks across Florida have some worried.
18:02 | 03/18/12

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Transcript for Sharks Attack Early This Year
Well we're used to hearing about shark attacks throughout the summer but in March while across Florida this week -- been a series of attacks including one that had a brave mother fighting off a shark to save her daughter. So why these incidents happening earlier than ever in the year may be used under Rivera is here with the story -- it has something to do it -- warm weather. It certainly did to be on analysts and any mother will tell you you will find out soon enough she will go to any lengths to protect her child but won Florida mother never imagined that this would mean literally wrestling her teenage daughter out of the -- of the shark. Shark vs mom my money's on mom. What she said it was her worst nightmare seeing an animal that could kill her daughter actually dragging her underwater. But value Levy told WK MG TV how she sprung into action it was to me like a scene out of a job as a -- -- the girls getting sucked under. And I said there is no way this thing is gonna kill my daughter I grabbed her shoulders and I put her up and if you're on the nose of my -- The fifteen year old girl survived with only bites on her foot. Amazingly an ambulance was already up the beach treating seventeen year old surfer nick Romano who have been attacked by a shark only minutes before. This settlement word -- this Tug. I -- only objective here and check this -- -- on my leg and just. A few days earlier a bull shark -- leapt out of the water and stomped down on another Florida surfers arm over a hundred miles away all of a sudden. -- jumped out of the water. And hit my arm and I looked over. Now if I died it was shark. This summer months are usually filled with reports of shark attacks Florida teenager attacked by a giant great white shark risked his life to -- and save a kite surfer who was severely bitten by a shark. But in March. Experts say it's rare to see this many attacks in this early and those unseasonably warm temperatures across the east probably have something to do with it. Environmental factors that we're suffering on land could also be happy and water such as climate change lack of food resources which changes market toward happens. And warmer weather also means more people hitting the beaches earlier so -- greater chance of attacks but does this early feeding season for sharks -- -- worse summer of the shark to come. Experts say no not that it would stop beach goers anyway. Actually got told pat that came -- here -- -- -- whatever you know. -- -- it's fun it's worth it. Now experts say the kinds of attacks seen in Florida last week are mostly exploratory. Hungry curious shark sees something splashing takes a bite and usually moves on because -- beyond -- the good news is -- sharks don't consider people to be particularly -- That's really important point to make it -- shark attacks are incredibly -- -- a better chance of winning the lottery thing -- bitten by a shark.

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{"id":15947797,"title":"Sharks Attack Early This Year","duration":"18:02","description":"A series of increased shark attacks across Florida have some worried. ","url":"/GMA/video/shark-attacks-happening-earlier-year-march-summer-florida-increased-us-15947797","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}