Josh and Sam Tackle Famous 'Jaws' Scene

"GMA" hosts show off their acting chops and insert themselves into Steven Spielberg's film.
4:54 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Josh and Sam Tackle Famous 'Jaws' Scene
In case you haven't been with us all week long, it's been shark week. You don't want to talk about this when you're about to head to hawaii. Have a great trip. Yeah. But this -- honestly, we have been talking about sharks have really become part of our pop culture. People are obsessed. So many millions tuning in to discovery channel for shark week. Thinking about it, all of the fascination started in 1975, with the classic movie, "jaws." It made steven spielberg a household name. Everyone was afraid to go back in the water. I hadn't seen it for a long time. I grabbed the tape. I popped it back in the vcr. I spotted a scene that I'm pretty sure I never noticed before. What was it? You have to check it out. Check it out. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. One terrifying shark. One community on-edge. Shark. One team charged with hunting him down. Come here. Come here, sharky. Come here, little guy. Yeah. Fish. This trout. A rainbow trout. It's beautiful. Whoa. That's not good. Man, that's a big fish. Nope. Nope. Way. Sorry. No. You're going to need a bigger boat. Yeah. And maybe disco balls and an 8-track. Come on, tough guy. Come on. Come on. I was just looking for a shuffle board on the lido deck. Sam combined "the love boat" and "boogie nights." They said it was a boat. I thought it was "love boat." And there were special guest stars. Not doing your day job. The lido deck. It was the perform shoes he had on. The outtakes for that, priceless. Our christmas party for that. A lot of fun. So, if sam maintains the COSTUMES VERY '70s, WELL, THERE Is an era that is upon us. I was away on vacation. And twitter exploded with this "sharknado" thing. If case you haven't seen it. We just thought we would share a little bit of "sharknado," so you know what everyone's talking about. They are ferocious rulers of the sea. Now, they're in the air, too. Can't just wait here and wait for sharks to rain down on us again. First time in a chopper? Yeah. First time with a sharknado outside. Scared? Not scared at all. There's a shark outside the window. Look out. Sharks. Whoa. What happened to I am -- you were so nice at the peach bit. We're going to need a bigger chopper. Let's just land. You know what? Let's go with land. Can you land this thing? This is chopper to control. Chopper, they're everywhere. They're everywhere. Go away. Go away. No. I think -- yeah. Speaking of outtakes, we have something for "gma live!" Today. We need to show outtakes this week. I got injured shooting that scene. I'm very method. You came back from "kelly & michael." And we got in the act with you. Take a look. We saluted shark week. Fin hair. And I notice that sam -- I love that guy. I LOVE THAT '70s GUY. He had to tear it from his lip. THAT '70s GUY IS YOU. It truly may be me. If I could grow the mutton chops I'd have them right now. It continues on discovery channel. It continues on discovery channel. It's a bat week to be a seal. Let's get to the boards. One or two things we want to

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{"id":19903038,"title":"Josh and Sam Tackle Famous 'Jaws' Scene","duration":"4:54","description":"\"GMA\" hosts show off their acting chops and insert themselves into Steven Spielberg's film.","url":"/GMA/video/shark-week-2013-josh-sam-tackle-famous-jaws-19903038","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}