Shine Brighter at Work

Love your professional life and live it to the fullest.
4:39 | 02/23/12

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Transcript for Shine Brighter at Work
-- -- I'm Tory Johnson and this is at work. On average Americans than 30% of their adult lives working and author Chris Perez brown -- out to prove that you can enjoy every single minute of it. His new -- is -- how to survive and some rise at work -- France. NATO ally I think so you work with people and companies of all sizes all over the world tell us what that. Common themes and attitudes are right now about work how are -- feeling about work. I'm I think with a little bit down about look at mylan I think people take it far too seriously they're working too many analysis and -- It's just not much fun as -- could be. -- it's a two to inject some of the fun I guess and to encourage. Six that's a law would -- find you want all of us to be a big mark Elvis -- that. Mean. That's a that's right it will get the whole concept -- spotlight -- Com -- Tuesday's that will that campaign. He used to have to go into organizations what cap could play with really quickly so he's lost a great question he's lost his -- round -- And if you're also questioned people can always answered because what he's really -- -- -- his bit of a maverick a bit of a brand who get stuff done has been more -- about them. I personally believe we can will be a bit -- Elvis that's what we do it opting -- Elvis my business. RA and so there's a few different ways that you suggest that and I know that time every expert. Tells people who are unhappy at work to do what they love to pursue what they're really great -- and I know that you agree with all of that throughout the book but some. I'm pretty unique advice things like you know use your desk -- read novels and -- in the office and how all of that received and tell me about some of that favorites to help us be a bit more Elvis. Show I mean there's -- -- really you know -- -- for a I guess a reason which is all about how can you get in the right states do what you need to do. -- -- -- But we don't work like robots -- on the same kind of energy scout all the way from -- nine to five so. If you find that you images dropping innovate do something that gets you into a bath and -- and majestic states. The second thing is that we spend too much time. Think Uga coach is Brian very little using a massive trip to -- is -- sub conscious. -- -- nothing at work by by relaxing by going for walks reading -- we get to access a little bit more of that amazing thinking. And how new and advise managers so that's something that as as an individual you can do what state -- managers. To get their employees -- up there Elvis -- managers who you know would cringe if they saw somebody. Somebody napping I think it's a lot easier to convince the individual why this is good for them but what -- stated it to the to the employers. Sheila does good question as -- have to do it every day. Wolf they've amended the biggest argument is. If you and your best you -- regionals -- talent you gonna get more from them and if you understand how they take. And how you can get them to think more creatively to bring more themselves who work and I see -- -- to bring -- -- unique talents. And -- gonna get in -- way better results. And I'm from me you know it'll -- -- leadership. If you believe that that everything that people do -- -- profits it has very sons were very professional. -- just gonna get. People who don't take so much risk. They they they conform to the culture I need to get extraordinary results if however you start to -- mobile fact that sometimes you get stuff role as -- on from it. And of those you try again in in the new and creative way. Then the then basically people -- to say -- -- -- things work around here. I consult express I cannot in the future I can be a bit more Elvis every -- what I -- Is this something that you do final -- stepped up -- -- Elvis in the work that you do. Off. Constantly I -- how will one of the things that we do -- Royce would target fresh we're trying to get things and you and if an experience it was fun push ourselves. Abide by doing so hopefully it means that united you know what we never get stuck in in -- -- we never thinking about life. In the same way every day and abide by doing that then hopefully we shot of it will brightly -- united. May got clients -- for doing that well. Higher ranks thanks Chris thanks for coming and talking to us. Hey my -- -- you can check out -- new book shine it's on cell right now and for your own personalized action plan from Chris. Visit how to shine at work dot com.

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{"id":15780178,"title":"Shine Brighter at Work","duration":"4:39","description":"Love your professional life and live it to the fullest. ","url":"/GMA/video/shine-brighter-work-love-live-professional-life-to-the-fullest-at-business-15780178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}