Shopping Yard Sales With Lara Spencer's Mom

Carolyn Von Seelen shares daughter's passion for re-inventing vintage finds.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Shopping Yard Sales With Lara Spencer's Mom
We like to welcome a very, very special guest. Lara's mom! yep. Mother caroline, of course, you may see her on "gma" crowned as the $10 yard sale queen. It was rigged. It was rigged. No kidding. I cannot see any family resemblance here whatsoever. No, she's very shy. You know, obviously, we've been doing this our whole life. Why did you get that it? I don't know that I've ever really asked you. How did we get into the yard sale thing? You're one of reason, more children than money. I wanted to have pretty nice, traditional furniture and didn't have the money to buy it. One of your favorite finds ever was -- my mahogany china cabinet that I found at a curb and refinished it. Put new glass in it. It was beautiful. It was a dumpster dive. Call it was what it is. That's my mom, I'm so proud. This woman taught me everything I know about rescuing, recycling, reinventing vintage finds. I wrote a book about our passion, our shared passion called "i brake for yard sales." But we went to the largest yard sale from michigan to alabama. Through six states. They call it many the mother of all yard sales. Who better to bring along for the hunt. Take a look. ♪ going to the mother of all yard sales with the woman who taught me it all. . Why are we getting glamourous for yard sales. Because you have to use every resource. Look at this chair, mom. That has great bones. All we have to do is cut a piece of plywood. What do you want for the chair? 2 bucks. I bought it for 3 last year. You bought it for $3? T I love it. You can reseal the plates. 5 for a set of 4 and be about $20 to get it replated. Cute lamp. From 1969. New york. It's just cute. ♪ so, you brought back some items, I think -- we saw most of them in the piece. This was the good bones chair she bought for three and was selling for $2. Because she never got them for $2. That's one of the things if you're not going to use it -- can I do this part? Yecht. Ready? So we paid $2 for the chair. Yes. I actually had plywood. We cut it into the shape. It took less than half a yard of fabric. I used scrap. You go to michaels and you cut it out. You did this? Yeah with a little help -- her dad -- that's amazing. This is a remnant from the fabric store. You have a one of a kind mahogany chair. It's really nice. Probably from the turn of the century. That was a good deal. Let's move on. This was a good one. If you get a look at the dude. He's a great looking dude. Let's see what we did with the include sh this is one of my mom's oldest tricks. You can literally turn anything into a lamp. I did it for you with that giant helmet. Cookie cars, instruments. Trumpets. You've been doing this your hole life. This was a bottle, we think. There was a hole in it. I took it to the local lamp repair store and had them electrify it. I bought this base and found a shade at a thrift store for, i can't remember, $10. It is a one-of-a-kind piece. Make sure if you buy vintage lamps that you get it checked. Josh, this is your present. Hands off. All right. So these were the four little -- I just don't know what to do with all my jewelry at the bedside. These were, in a former life. These were ashtrays. They have makers marks on them. We determined they're from the 1960s. I was going to silver plate them. But instead we got the greated in and it actually worked really well. We went and got metallic spray paint and used steel wool. I don't think I would use them as ashtrays anymore. I don't know if it's flammable. But for a candy dish or jewelry. We negotiated. We got these for $4. They're really, really cute. Metallic spray paint is a magical, magical thing. Gosh, gosh, gosh, I'm essentially useless here. Let me do this. Ready? Here we go. I don't know if you saw these. These were $5. I love these old frames. They have this detail. They had this really weird sort of marbleized glass in them. I was very attracted to the frames. THEY'RE FROM THE '60s. I think a pair of mirrors flanking anything is a good idea. Go to your glass shop. You can have glass cut and put it in any frame. What was that? We don't know. I guess it -- it was ugly as my mom so eloquently put it. 5 turned into a one of a kind period. You will now forever be the yard sale princess. And caroline is the yard sale queen.

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{"id":17013033,"title":"Shopping Yard Sales With Lara Spencer's Mom","duration":"3:00","description":"Carolyn Von Seelen shares daughter's passion for re-inventing vintage finds.","url":"/GMA/video/shopping-yard-sales-lara-spencers-mom-17013033","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}