Will Shortz Explains Difference Between Table Tennis, Ping-Pong

Shortz: "Table tennis is a brain game just like puzzles."
3:00 | 12/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Shortz Explains Difference Between Table Tennis, Ping-Pong
-- so this -- -- table tennis or ping pong which is it fair that is the question I get asked the most. Table tennis and ping pong of the same I say ping pong as the game table tennis is the sport the question of your level of play and what you think of the game I cease if you wanna psych out the competitor than you say let's go play some thing on -- and you. And the -- -- if you have a bottle of beer on the table that's been -- -- -- Or glass of Chardonnay then it's -- tests. Okay -- I see with the distinctions are hard to see you say you've you've you've played every single day this year -- -- Well I am obsessive as you can tell. It gave me a challenge something to do you know who can play table tennis every day for -- year. -- -- -- putting assault CNN documentary. My friends Henry Joost an aerial Solomon who were the writers directors of the paranormal activity movies. And catfish. Set me up with some equipment and they agreed to edit a video of me at the end of the year. Playing every day and will be a little -- -- -- everyday life. Amid a lot of celebrities player who's your favorite. I don't know to -- I guess tenacity. Let me think about Susan Sarandon of course because C co own spin but also the governor of Delaware this is. -- a rated player he's quite good. Not is not as good as me but he's dead. Good night's hit and you have. Oh well. Seasons left. -- -- the ball. Okay three tips table tennis but can't give you three tips personal and a lot of people don't know how to hold the panel and the standard way is the shake hands grip like you're shaking hands with the panel OK that's number one. Number two. Bend a little while people stand up straight and do this bend a little and be ready to to move left and right and you be a better player. The third thing if you ever going to a club and someone wants to. Play for money. Be very careful so. -- -- -- Analysts you've got deep pocket unless may be may be -- -- -- them but there are people out there who'll you know miss a few points you think you're the better player you know you put a hundred dollars on the game. And suddenly you're in trouble -- -- table tennis hustling who knew there was such Iraq so be careful because that's. You come -- with a guy that says he does cross words for a living with a moustache don't put any money on the table. Yeah.

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{"id":21211834,"title":"Will Shortz Explains Difference Between Table Tennis, Ping-Pong","duration":"3:00","description":"Shortz: \"Table tennis is a brain game just like puzzles.\"","url":"/GMA/video/shortz-explains-difference-table-tennis-ping-pong-21211834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}