Siku the Polar Bear: The New Knut?

Popular polar bear is being hand-reared at the Denmark zoo where he was born.
2:16 | 12/26/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Siku the Polar Bear: The New Knut?
Newest wildlife superstar he -- a month old polar bear -- fast becoming a worldwide sensation -- Harris is with -- -- -- this. This polar bear is unforgettable pretty horrible this is a story about an orphan polar bear who likes to take naps make funny -- get his belly -- -- -- around with his little tongue hanging out. He is now fast on his way to becoming a household name. This is seek food -- baby polar bear taking that global animal scene by storm. -- -- on whom she called us and see. He noted being hand -- -- -- humans that a wildlife park in Denmark after his mother couldn't produce enough milk to see him. When video that seek to which that -- aren't sea ice started servicing online and a little did became a sensation. It's -- reminiscent of the worldwide spasm of adoration. Provoked by another little polar bear. Canoe overcame rough beginnings his mother abandoned him. To become a full on superstar at the Berlin zoo even gracing the pages of Vanity Fair with -- Leonardo DiCaprio. But cannot provide so they got a cautionary tale to be blunt the -- did not age well like -- later years Elvis he got fat. 500 pounds certainly and that beautiful white coat it turned brown. However -- its brief blazing fame during those adorable first few months gave the overall polar bear brand. A huge boost. What -- did for the polar bear. It's unbelievable this little cub himself to be responsible for thing polar bears for all of us to enjoy for years -- cub. Sadly can Newton died earlier this year so for many seek whose emergence as hired as the ice thrown. She is a welcome development and animal lovers are hoping. He can grow into an adorable ambassador for -- species. Desperately in need of protection. You know some fear polar bears could be extinct and allowed in forty years as -- after a rough beginning he is now thriving while being bottle reared by humans he was three pounds and they got him. Now -- seven pounds and I suspect. In not too many months simply too large -- there are -- yes -- And --

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{"id":15233298,"title":"Siku the Polar Bear: The New Knut?","duration":"2:16","description":"Popular polar bear is being hand-reared at the Denmark zoo where he was born.","url":"/GMA/video/siku-polar-bear-knut-15233298","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}