Skinny Secrets of NYC Women

"The Manhattan Diet" is a new book that teaches women how to stay slim in N.Y.C.
1:25 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Skinny Secrets of NYC Women
New secrets of being slammed the in this city has some women here in New -- -- staying models then -- tracks now being revealed in the new book it's called. The Manhattan diet ABC's juju Chang is joining us with all of the details -- and secrets well you know they -- not a diet it is a way of life. And women who behave like skinny women throughout the world to exercise they eat small meals they spent -- throughout the day. And they -- -- the last founder of energy welcome to Manhattan. They put men no -- and Jimmy choose on the map. But we weren't just is obsessed with sex in the city branches and desserts and -- cosmopolitan. And how the world today and so many other real Manhattan. Women -- since -- in this city with the most sports star restaurants in the country dessert carts and pizzeria has on every corner. -- -- -- -- -- -- Contrary to how the fashion -- of the devil wears -- eat. The new diet -- -- sixteen New Yorkers indulged their -- at the Manhattan -- is about eating what to live. But only -- -- -- how about parking Eileen -- in the journalists and bonafide -- interviewed more than -- hundred couldn't -- Manhattan nightclub to defy their secret exit at the top tips they gave her. By small portions -- smaller plate. Get competitive -- exercise classes bring a friend or just how do the street. To you shop for groceries early and often to ensure. Sneaking in workouts. -- giant also suggests women she didn't want to know why. -- -- -- I'm always on the value you know you're always on the move so it's really important so we have snacks in your bag. You're a pilot is a size zero park avenue mother of two who says her trick is to never clean -- -- today. You would be satisfied with just one but I'm not a bite but maybe half. -- the naming an hour from now I want more yeah now I guess I try to eat a little bit at the time but. Frequent lightning and sure enough after enjoying the chocolate treat she -- burning off later. That's also keeps New York women -- things that were always moving -- -- with our children. Or with our friends are all working. -- -- -- -- -- The diet isn't necessarily help the eight. In fact there are some things that people be thinking is that I don't think I think it's healthy -- but I think it's not unhealthy to deprive yourself of. -- -- stresses the importance of eating small bites throughout the day. Snacks -- an apple chips and a dried mango. As -- Manhattan night someone who lives in New York. You always on the there's always have to be someone always running late and whether you're walking home whatever it is that you're doing it I was moving. Now healthy snacking throughout the day is key so you never get too hungry -- too full but here's examples of healthy snacks. And again never deprive yourself so occasionally -- -- these are -- chips Thailand. Yep and you could have caches or blueberries or someone I would have like 28. And I just yet to count turning exactly or a it was put between me and I was just with threats of -- -- this is in theory about really feeling -- going for the contents hereof and are back thank you juju Chang great secrets.

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{"id":15867343,"title":"Skinny Secrets of NYC Women","duration":"1:25","description":"\"The Manhattan Diet\" is a new book that teaches women how to stay slim in N.Y.C.","url":"/GMA/video/skinny-secrets-manhattan-women-manhattan-diet-secrets-slim-15867343","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}