Slam-Dunk Toddler and Prairie Dog-Cat Friendship Elicit 'Awws'

Two videos to start your Monday off right.
1:43 | 06/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slam-Dunk Toddler and Prairie Dog-Cat Friendship Elicit 'Awws'
Well at the NBA finals in full swing a lot of fans are getting into the spirit like Britney Burton signed a formidable two foot eleven inch power forward from nets the lead at Kansas and areas and -- -- swap -- He was watching his dad play when he decided to try the same moves but -- Hot hot hot here is he's got -- thanks style they're too -- maybe painting above any plays basketball see how week. Welcome. Bounce out here making mandolin and mom says he's ready for more he's all -- He got up. He got a look at him. Point when we were growing up. Like we didn't have you feel like he didn't dampen things yeah. -- thought and I got out it's all over the -- -- we also have a pet and the day dog and cat living together well. It's really up -- dog in this video it'll cause massive area who don't shoot it is -- cat is enjoying a company is. I'm a Grand Prairie -- -- -- -- mirrored door behind. Supposed to base this statement Jason Yeltsin he's adorable tots is an odd couple they're just playing around her feelings after being released a pair to each other. They play together here in this -- For more -- -- money minute movement number Jason says the prairie dog -- a lot like puppies or kittens. Oh my gosh I think if you agers in a -- -- Find out why and yeah yeah I -- -- morning America and to do that -- yet we're all over that we love to give prairie dog gets here yeah GMA live Internet gambling giveaway and it'll work out and out.

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{"id":24056326,"title":"Slam-Dunk Toddler and Prairie Dog-Cat Friendship Elicit 'Awws'","duration":"1:43","description":"Two videos to start your Monday off right.","url":"/GMA/video/slam-dunk-toddler-prairie-dog-cat-friendship-elicit-24056326","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}