Snow Storm Buries Northeast

Record breaking snow levels causing problems for ill prepared northeast.
1:27 | 10/30/11

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Transcript for Snow Storm Buries Northeast
Want to check in now with reporter norm car -- of ABC affiliate W and that TW. He is an onboard Auburn Maine checking the levels how's it going out they're norm. Laura there's an old saying here the state of -- if you don't like the weather wait a minute a couple of weeks back -- was eighty degrees this time yesterday people were golfing and raking the leaves off their ground today it's all this heavy wet snow which were kind of used as saying this type of snow in the month of march. Try to get a true gauge on this now maybe about a half inch here but the problem is all the slush here. Traveling up and down the Maine turnpike the -- limit is down to about 45 miles per hour. Another issue is all this heavy snow is getting to these power lines several lines are down as we speak here in the state of Maine snowy before Halloween. New -- thank you let's head now to the net -- New Hampshire and Adam Harding of W and you are Adam good morning. Well good morning Dan -- May very -- Peterborough New Hampshire we're talking about a very historic storm here and we'll look at all of this know that we're talking about so the big concern today is massive power outages we understand. At this -- word there have been as many as 200000. Reports of people losing power here in New Hampshire. The good news is though it is starting to Peter off here in Peterborough. But the bad news is with Halloween tomorrow looks like the kids will have to bundle up that's -- story here in Peterborough New Hampshire -- will -- things to you.

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{"id":14844155,"title":"Snow Storm Buries Northeast","duration":"1:27","description":"Record breaking snow levels causing problems for ill prepared northeast. ","url":"/GMA/video/snow-storm-buries-northeast-14844155","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}