Snowmobiler on Being Buried Alive in Avalanche

John Swanson and Warren Woerner discuss the frightening moments caught on tape.
9:34 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snowmobiler on Being Buried Alive in Avalanche
Joining us now from Seattle are two of the men you just saw John Swanson who was buried alive and Warren. Warner who caught it all on its helmet cam that helmet cam just happened to still be rolling gentlemen thank you very much for being with us it's great to see -- -- I'm Johnny's start with you I know there's been a lot of snow -- the Seattle area this season. Did with a -- warning is any indication that you should be aware that an avalanche was possible. They're there had been some heavy snow. To be -- winner -- that there was some avalanche warnings put. By comparison to some of the hills that we we typically will go play on. No there we wouldn't -- been an area had -- -- that was a possibility. But it was great that there are so many of you should never go out there on your own and I know the dollar you take every precaution. Necessary -- -- When you were buried in the snow did you realize what was going on you realize that had been an avalanche. I didn't actually. So I had come across the hill and end. Got dropped off on my snowmobile. Coming across somebody -- -- the -- and was running down actually after it. -- to get back on and I had such a good time in the snow was so deep and end it was just fun for assault and so I was on my way back down in the snowmobile and I heard rush yell from behind me is use a fellow on the -- -- came along they hill. And -- -- said get out of the way. And if you can see Warren. Also is young women and waved his arms. When you played active video and the whole time I didn't realize. That the avalanche broke free I actually thought -- that Brussels snowmobile. What was what landed on me and -- told me face down in the snow. And warm we saw you as John was describing we're seeing the video again and again and -- -- had to be something for you and your friends to see this but the jump so quickly into action warrant. -- you know when I saw the avalanche break free I knew just it. Watch for where he ended up in that's not always the case of me you don't always end up in an avalanche. You know as were trained. Where you think that person will be were fortunate that we didn't have to probe forum. That he was. You know where Russell started dig in -- was right there. Do it all circumstances were very fortunate that. That you know John walk away from them. Yes and again the fact that you all were. Where there to gather Jon. That has to be of a great comfort and how they came so quickly to your aid. -- it is for sure. You know pretty near -- your face down here buried in the snow. And and just. Physically cannot move. It's an uneasy feeling him and something that. You don't really think -- you figure you can legally if -- -- -- -- Are -- you're talking get a hand up and signal from the if you Camden. Not being able to moving anything this is pretty and company and innate in us now. And so I knew that these guys were looking at the real issue is is. If he knew exactly where to look at where to find me. The video probably doesn't show it. As much snow is there was. Steve is that it was. And or. As fast as a hillside is so if you're looking fighting to the -- of five people the right. It quickly becomes a reality that time is of the essence when when you're there and the fact that somebody is gonna have to. To dig you out and rescue you and they can't. Can't get yourself out. It's it's unnerving to say -- least. It's a hit little -- you've handled everything so well we're -- mean everything that has gone -- like fifteen years ago. And now and -- thank you and the others for this. -- being there.

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{"id":15437528,"title":"Snowmobiler on Being Buried Alive in Avalanche","duration":"9:34","description":"John Swanson and Warren Woerner discuss the frightening moments caught on tape.","url":"/GMA/video/snowmobiler-buried-alive-avalanche-15437528","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}