Sofia Vergara Gives Bedroom Makeover on 'GMA'

"Modern Family" actress gives tips on revitalizing rooms inside your home.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sofia Vergara Gives Bedroom Makeover on 'GMA'
Oh, yes. Time for another of sofia vergara's modern makeovers. Get it? We give sofia and her team ten minutes to transform this room. This is what it looked like before. That's a room. Work with me on that. Now, you won't believe how it looks. Sofia is putting the final touches as we speak. The big reveal. Ta-da. Tell me. This is all from your line? Everything. What do you think? Look at the colors? I like the purple. Why do you like -- I'm guessing it has something to do with passion. I think it's beautiful to have a room that has a touch of color that is intense. And it makes you want to just jump in there. It does. Feel free. We can do the rest of the interview from there, if you like. You have everything in this line, right? Everything. We also have, for example, matching the bathroom. You have the bathroom collection. Yes. Like, you know, the basket, the soap dispenser, the towels, so beautiful. They're supergood quality. And we have, of course, more colors of these bedding. I see the comforters come. You have white, you have chocolate brown. I did not know on top of your great acting, you were into decorating. Yes, I love it. I love everything that has to do with beauty. Walking into a room and feeling comfortable. And I like beauty. I like to be surrounded by beau. If we were to walk into your bedroom, one word to describe it? Heaven. Heaven. I love it. And then, you also are diving through kmart into fashion, as well. You have wonderful pieces that range from skinny jeans to cute, little cardigans. A little animal print in them. What's your inspiration when you create those? My first project with kmart was the clothing. Now, I'mng all the house things. But first, passion started with the clothing. Creating pieces that were comfortable and sexy, wearable, and that you don't have to, like, spend your supermarket money. Right. And buying cute stuff. So, I think it's doing really good because it's for women of every sizes. Can I come over and see? I love this little black -- lbd. If you don't want to show your legs. You should show your legs. If somebody doesn't want to, with dark tights, it looks amazing with high boots. It's all stuff you see on the runway, but, of course, made for the woman that needs to be on a budget, to be a mom. Just like accessorizing, you can use it from the morning to the night. I want to go back to the bedding and talk about this. We gave you the challenge to do a room. And I just want to ask you your advice because women look up to you. You're quite beautiful, as you know. And a real girl's girl. When you're looking at that major collection, what are the must-have pieces that you would suggest for a bedroom? For a bedroom? Definitely, you can wear -- you have to do the pillows. I think the pillows accent -- even if you don't have the whole, complete set. I think with som pillows here and there, it looks fancy and colorful, you can pull a good look. I think it's more important than having the whole set. The whole set. All right. You can get the whole set, all different colors, browns, purples, whites, sofia's collection available at kmart. Kmart.

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{"id":17338058,"title":"Sofia Vergara Gives Bedroom Makeover on 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Modern Family\" actress gives tips on revitalizing rooms inside your home.","url":"/GMA/video/sofia-vergara-bedroom-makeover-gma-17338058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}