Somalian Pirates Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage

The kidnappers warn U.S. not to stage another raid.
1:09 | 01/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Somalian Pirates Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage
Kidnappers in Somalia now are threatening to kill an American hostage captured over the weekend. If the US stages another -- Like the one this week that save two people including US aid worker Jessica Buchanan ABC's Martha Raddatz joins us now from Washington with the very latest good morning to you mark. Good morning Josh a very frightening turn of events this morning for this American journalist and author who is grabbed by heavily armed pirates last Saturday. We are not using his name this morning at the request of his family and friends. The California native often covers surfing. But was -- so -- you writing another book the threats from the pirates this morning are specific. And their actions very concerning. Since -- nick and Jessica Buchanan was rescued by Navy SEALs on Tuesday. The pirates have moved -- journalists hostage three times and today warned the US not to try to rescue him saying. If they try again we will all die together now pirates do not normally kill their hostages since they are holding them in hopes of getting ransom money. But these are threats to US is taking very seriously Josh terrifying stuff Martha Raddatz -- in the nation's capital thank --

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{"id":15454945,"title":"Somalian Pirates Threaten to Kill U.S. Hostage","duration":"1:09","description":"The kidnappers warn U.S. not to stage another raid.","url":"/GMA/video/somali-pirates-american-hostage-issue-warning-15454945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}