Special Olympics Athlete Takes Miss Minnesota to Junior Prom

Young Wisconsin man takes dream date to high school dance.
2:20 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for Special Olympics Athlete Takes Miss Minnesota to Junior Prom
Overnight, our cameras tagged along for what had to be a glorious experience for one high school junior. First, he competed in a special olympics event. And from there, he went to his high school junior prom. His date, none other than miss minnesota. Not too shabby. Tai hernandez is here with that story. Reporter: Good morning. It's a lot of pressure leading up to prom night. What do you wear? Will you have a good time? We're happy to report for one wisconsin teen, the evening couldn't have been better. What's better than being prom king? Mr. Charlie beatty. Reporter: Taking this beauty queen as your prom date. Are you ready? Reporter: How did this 18-year-old pull it off? He was finning a special olympic swim meet to work on his charm. Charlie is a fun-loving prankster, who is a ham. Loves to dance. I've gotten to know him a little bit. And he is really charming. Reporter: But when it came to prom, this wisconsin high school junior with down syndrome, wasn't sure what to do. Charlie wants to go with his entire class. And wouldn't really nail it down to one person. Reporter: Luckily, a mutual friend played matchmaker. I went to the financial aid office part-time. And one of the ladies who works there with me knows charlie's family. And he got nominated to his prom court. So, she thought of the idea that maybe I could go with him. Reporter: Charlie reacted like a typical teen. It's been kind of tough to control charlie's excitement the last week. I can't sto thinking about her. My heart is pounding. Reporter: But it didn't show on a night normally filled with jitters. Can I put it on you? Yes. Reporter: Charlie was smooth. Thank you. Reporter: They dined. And they danced. The night, a success. What else would you expect from royalty? After that big night, there's a lot to look forward to for danielle and charlie. She's going to compete in the miss usa pageant next month. And charlie is going to be co-captain on his swim team next season. I love that. I can't stop thinking about her. He's so cute. And he can dance. He's got move. Great story. Thank you very much. Coming up on "good morning

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{"id":19111867,"title":"Special Olympics Athlete Takes Miss Minnesota to Junior Prom","duration":"2:20","description":"Young Wisconsin man takes dream date to high school dance.","url":"/GMA/video/special-olympics-athlete-takes-miss-minnesota-junior-prom-19111867","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}