Special Olympics Fights the 'R-Word'

The movement seeks to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the "r-word."
3:00 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Special Olympics Fights the 'R-Word'
That the power to cause -- part to campaign that wants to set the record straight on an old adage weren't you hurt. It's hard. It basically -- our -- it also promotes stereotypes and prejudice against people with intellectual disabilities. I have a younger sister Olivia her intellectual disability have a young group of people at a grocery store and say now don't go that -- let's not go by the retired. Or are you'd be in in a restaurant and you hear someone say something to the effect it be much quieter and much more pleasant and hear from our for the retired. I didn't read. The he's also damaging. The reason it has it has remained. As saying as saying. Casually accepted work more than almost any other means of these slurs is because people that -- to disabilities have been consistently -- from society. Have been consistently locked away. Kim Peters point out the media has -- important role in the debate. Over the years he or work has been used in movies like tropic thunder and everybody knows -- full retail. -- She doesn't often. Three men looked effort to not. Celebrities are lining up to -- people we're of the or words negative impact when someone thought -- uses the extra regionally. Hurtful. Let's stop -- an hour. Have you and I want you to Jordan Pakistan spread the word has already gained more than ten million pledges not to use the. But they say they have a lot more work ahead we see ourselves educating people and raising awareness. And allowing people choose for themselves. Whether or not they will continue to use a word that is dehumanizing. That is degrading that is consistently. Communicating this -- discrimination against people disabilities.

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{"id":15865066,"title":"Special Olympics Fights the 'R-Word'","duration":"3:00","description":"The movement seeks to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the \"r-word.\"","url":"/GMA/video/special-olympics-fights-word-15865066","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}