'Spider-Man' Star Takes on Broadway

Andrew Garfield will make his Broadway debut in "Death of a Salesman."
4:45 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Spider-Man' Star Takes on Broadway
We're delighted to have and cigar filled with us this morning he's playing Spider-Man on the big screen this summer -- before that. He's making his Broadway debut in death. Of a salesman a classic -- -- play which is already breaking. Box office records even though it's only in previous. It opens on March 15 for a sixteen week limited engagement we're delighted to have you back when -- -- -- as a custodian a break already Saturday in April of got -- magnate signals you're one who has everything. We we we do it justice -- material to build a good I've -- heard great things especially from one of our family members Mike Nichols and this is director of course married to. Diane Sawyer -- and it's a wonderful things to say about you say that you have a commanding. Presence if you are a true talented dedicated actor was like work with Monica legend. Those single poll this month both as a -- look at us and let us no. It was -- you know it's it's a dream it's it's it's. It's who we were just talking before and it's like I just don't talk about I don't think about it analyst Philip Purcell did not it's it's hard to. Instead it's hard to accept -- -- he noted how how lucky I have to be in a room with a nightly. And I -- on this directive and as a human being. And you -- -- -- and and and Diana's -- and have both come from the same. Humanitarian closed with a beautiful thing I already feel the same way about that we do. Your character. And I think -- -- and Andrew that the audience control -- Relate well why don't like this tell people are not familiar with the -- about your cares about them. About the -- it's a big one right now it's it's and it's very patents and -- It's about so many things is very very difficult to sum up I think. It was that the that the plane -- so many different levels of conscious unconscious conscious and. And it's it's I think one of the main things about this is that. He's trying to find himself and I think we can all relate to -- I think. It's and in its its. It's it's it's it's it's impossible for me to -- -- a but but it just just it's a very it's a very modern plane somehow. Even though it was written in 1948. 49. It's it's about now it's more about mountain. Think Angel -- -- between India and really. And then your dad has played by another under other than Philip Seymour Hoffman the man who is such you talk about a dedicated actor and I I know that he gave you some. -- -- shared some things that you really appreciated as an actor you know I think you think again in the same in the same vendors. As being with Mike Wakefield. Has. Such a sure indication -- work and -- -- for them. And that the correct reasons from my own perspective like he's he's he he he doesn't he he puts limits how -- -- Christmas golf. Because of his color and walks home. -- -- subway and it. He shows -- but what can never stops. Searching and attention to discover and he's an artist and I think. An act of being an -- that -- understand -- feels like a rarity so when you win when you see that when -- -- it's kind of like -- you're drawn to Milan anyway. You know you kind of -- -- what -- you can from -- Until which is also incredibly talented obviously a moment how to -- -- and it's time we have left Spiderman. And I want that. The first time you put on. -- don't bet it was a mixed it was a mixed among them didn't have to say it was it was. Incorporated -- Overwhelming calls. I didn't quite good I -- because you know one amazing thing. About Spider-Man is very severe that he causing skin color. And so I think that's why he's so kind of universally relatable -- of course Batman you can see it's a white guy -- it whenever. And I think went with I didn't like me in this those income liberating about and that's pretty happy to talk of feels as well he's like normal -- -- this I can be. Whenever I need to be a whatever I want to be and that creates mischief that creates it's it's that -- -- -- talk about what does -- -- -- and fun role to play you were born here in the states for -- and England's and you have the English accent when you play Spider-Man known and that would -- so it would spend spend that kind of blasphemous but -- that. No no no no I'm might might does who has his -- I feel like I've the -- -- -- -- can accept credit my hero my life removed. So so yes -- -- I've kind of been -- some -- troops. But queens kind of -- as possible what we're looking for Nevada and also death -- a salesman had always a general manager thank you very necessary thank you for having me -- this success at all that you do.

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{"id":15885093,"title":"'Spider-Man' Star Takes on Broadway","duration":"4:45","description":"Andrew Garfield will make his Broadway debut in \"Death of a Salesman.\"","url":"/GMA/video/spider-man-star-takes-broadway-death-salesman-15885093","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}