Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a DIY Makeover

Shane Golden shows you how to spruce up your bathroom with tile and mirrors.
3:00 | 02/21/14

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Transcript for Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a DIY Makeover
Gases -- -- -- nation who's in south Texas about to kill you little to do it yourself said. Taken out some -- -- chisel and hammer. Sure the reason we're taking this out as obviously we will replace the old top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So put our -- floor down what we're gonna mean we're obvious -- the towels moving mixing. -- pictures with the citizens since that. -- -- -- -- -- We're doing except for a couple hours we come back and grounded so reinstatement plastic pieces here which is -- -- -- So we got a towel at -- to have a great selection. Great price and he says that -- win right there. Make sure -- Kentucky did little plastic -- your piece. Make sure that all -- stresses the same. Once it drives -- granted it. Anytime that you can incorporate glass from -- into her room really -- open up the space. This is kind of unique way to use that we're gonna put it on the inside of doors that are facing into the room two pieces of glass completely change not only have to -- total fill -- -- -- -- -- slot around a little bit you can always -- the door down. And for the glass -- that went to a drive. I think it turned up three --

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{"id":22612938,"title":"Spruce Up Your Bathroom with a DIY Makeover","duration":"3:00","description":"Shane Golden shows you how to spruce up your bathroom with tile and mirrors.","url":"/GMA/video/spruce-bathroom-diy-makeover-22612938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}