Stars Hit the Red Carpet for SAG Awards

Melissa Rycroft on the highlights from the Screen Actors Guild award show.
2:47 | 01/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Stars Hit the Red Carpet for SAG Awards
Now to the red carpet. Sizzling night at the sag awards with a fantastic display of fashion and so many of our stars and big wins for everyone from Viola Davis to Christopher Plummer. She -- special contributor Melissa Wright problem was there for all. Michelle Williams smoldering in -- stunning red Valentino one -- down. Rose -- -- coming in and we -- jumpsuits. And Estonian -- McQueen black and lace or Brad and Angelina making a late but very -- entrance. The hottest movies and television stars turned that -- quite hot outside the eighteenth annual screen actors guild awards. Inside the night in new warns belong to the help which helped itself become a leading contender for Oscar -- -- their. Davis beat out -- can company outstanding. Actor in a leading role. What is there but a dream you can't trading a dream for another dream. -- may Octavia Spencer to -- best supporting actress. The cast of the help the film also -- outstanding performance by a cast. One -- only took top honors for best ensemble cast in a comedy series letting the youngest stars do the talking -- season. -- the late great WC fields his -- I never worked with kids or animals. Well he can't smile. Before their big win modern two youngest macho men lettuce in a narrow little friendly fashion more coming your way and I think -- -- yeah I'm really -- Because it's actually from 1950 is an accurate credit back -- And while the cast of bridesmaids may not has taken how many awards you have to take a drink every time and I mean every time. You hear the word -- assessing the ladies were hardly gonna leave empty handed. It scored seven or is it is sending its recess experts -- they recycle -- -- -- -- -- Scores Cindy quickly became big game of the night. I have to thank our executive producer Martin's protesting his entry. It wasn't just forgotten it was also pretty young at -- -- presented Mary Tyler Moore with a lifetime achievement award by two and happy. After at all. -- -- former coast indomitable Betty Wright went outstanding female actor in a comedy series. Proving she's still hot in Cleveland and ninety here's -- -- -- --

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{"id":15470889,"title":"Stars Hit the Red Carpet for SAG Awards","duration":"2:47","description":"Melissa Rycroft on the highlights from the Screen Actors Guild award show.","url":"/GMA/video/stars-hit-red-carpet-sag-awards-15470889","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}