Steve Jobs Delayed Life-Saving Surgery

Josh Elliott reports on a new book revealing secrets about Apple's beloved CEO.
1:39 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Jobs Delayed Life-Saving Surgery
We are getting surprising new insight into the life of Steve Jobs famously private. He reveal personal secrets and a new book by the Pulitzer Prize winner Walter Isaacson including a decision. That would ultimately cost him his life. He had access to the best medical treatments the best surgeons in the world. But when Steve Jobs was diagnosed with a deadly pancreatic cancer. He reportedly delayed the surgery that could have saved his life. Calling it too invasive. Instead He tried alternative therapies and later said He regretted that decision. Just one of the stunning revelations in the Steve Jobs authorized biography. Walter Isaacson who conducted more than forty interviews with jobs for the book some of them -- right before his death. Said no subject was off limits of his early days jobs reveal that He was often bullied in school. But He stopped going to church at age thirteen after Resop photo of a starving child on the cover of life magazine. Leading him to later study zen buddhism. He dabbled in LSD and never wanted to go to college. Jobs experimented with various diets and says He was in fact on one of his -- -- in diets when He decided to name his company apple. He'd just come back from an apple farm. And -- -- name sounded fun spirited. And not intimidating. Apple's first president was also interviewed for the book He says one of his first projects was in fact. To try to get jobs to -- which He says didn't always work we're gonna have much more from the book on Monday's Good Morning America when George interviews Walter Isaacson. In his first live interview very much looking forward to that.

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{"id":14785531,"title":"Steve Jobs Delayed Life-Saving Surgery","duration":"1:39","description":"Josh Elliott reports on a new book revealing secrets about Apple's beloved CEO.","url":"/GMA/video/steve-jobs-delayed-life-saving-surgery-14785531","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}