Steve Jobs' Home Burglarized

About $60,000 worth of personal items taken from the late tech giant's home.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Steve Jobs' Home Burglarized
We're going to go west now, where we learned a major break-in at the home built by the founder of apple steve jobs. The thief was able to take thousands of dollar in jewelry and several computers. But police was able to track him down thanks to technology jobs helped create. Nick watt has the story. Reporter: It's the house where one of the pioneers of our digital age died. Broke in by thiefs. The thief apparently just hopped the fence, found a key in the garage, and walked straight in. No alarm and no one home. Apparently he didn't even know this was steve jobs' house. Why would he? It's a pretty nondescript-looking building. I think that was purposeful. That was the intent. His personality, I suppose. Not a show-off. Reporter: When you think tech billiona billionaire, you think bill gates with his 25 bathrooms. Jobs a private man, a family man, was more in the mark zuckerberg mold. The facebook founder lives nearby in a relatively modest -bedroom house. But this affluent card of california had his estate. The burglar even stole suitcases to haul away his booty, which included two tiffany necklaces and a pair of earrings worth over $60 million. An imac, a mac mini, an ipad and ipad and apple tv. It was those steve jobs creations that allegedly led police to their man, who logged on to itunes on one of the stolen machines. Apple investigators tracked the i.P. Address. 35-YEAR-OLD kareem McFarland is now under arrest. And apparently he has confessed. Jobs' wallet was also taken. Look inside the wallet of the guy worth over $6 billion. A driver's license, visa card, a titanium amex card and one single dollar bill. For abc news, nick watt,

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{"id":17009069,"title":"Steve Jobs' Home Burglarized","duration":"3:00","description":"About $60,000 worth of personal items taken from the late tech giant's home.","url":"/GMA/video/steve-jobs-late-apple-founder-ceo-home-burglarized-17009069","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}