Steve Jobs' Proudest Achievement

Walter Isaacson details Steve Jobs' life in new biography.
6:28 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Steve Jobs' Proudest Achievement
Walter Isaacson joins us now thanks so much for coming and -- this is a fascinating. Character study and what's also fascinating He sees motivation have you -- He wanted his children have known them. I you know it's hard to know the motivation but He called me way back in -- in 2004. And suggested and I -- he's young has a long career ahead of him. Then when He was sick I decided this is the most innovative guy the guy who's connecting sort of poetry to technology. Going to be great thing to do so I asked them on my last visit He said -- had trepidation doing this so why did you do it. Does anyone and his kids no because He wasn't always there but you know really close -- you know family life. But also He just had a kind of want the truth out and no -- great lead or. Has ever sort of opened up this way it's kind of interest and turned it over to you didn't ask you assure writing which you know He told me at the very close -- -- said He said other than the things I don't like in this -- absentee. He said that's good I'm not gonna waited for another year because I like don't want to I don't want to think again isn't -- the only thing had control over -- He hated the cover that they originally put on it you know we've completely catalog. Sort of an apple logo with -- -- it. Anti -- I heard his temper and that fury He sometimes has. And He said. How -- what would you let me have some input from the company that took me about a half a second well I don't rocket fire that you that you talked about his temper and you call him in this book -- the evidence is there is of a charismatic and inspiring leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think this was a very tough guy He could be really -- you know we've all what do you look. Bill Clinton would normally do we've all -- -- top sponsors -- what he's able to do is gather a team of what He called a players. And they become incredibly loyal and He says in the book. You know the ones who survived the ones -- survive become I mean you look at the team He has an apple that you and they have really really. That charismatic leadership -- -- -- like to be able to go in the meeting in the something stinks I'll use that -- down toward He would use. I -- be able to sign it and they can say that to me and we have rip roaring fight and that brutal honesty -- under some middle class kid from California. I don't know how to do that velvet glove -- you know -- and approach that it wasn't just in this business. Like thinking -- -- -- -- pull no punches in this book even they developed a close relationship with his family his -- -- Green. He had a daughter. Out of wedlock earlier denied paternity for many years his daughter Lisa and they had a very tough. Very rough sometimes distant relationship you know the arc of his life is that way -- sort of the you know at first how He deals -- something and then reconciled and by the time you know at the end this past month. They're all around them all form his children deeply -- and his sister Mona Simpson and his wife. A few close friends. And then I'll with him because He He had such a pool He was such a compelling -- in such a genius as you say. One reconciliation and never happened his the father giving up for adoption. Right and and you know you mentioned -- system -- the -- novelist He met her when they were. Fully grown when He had never met his father she could've gotten him in touch. When his father but He said no way. She tracks down the father the fathers running a coffee shop in Sacramento California when these weird coincidences because he's from home Syria. He was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. That's when they had Steve who was put up for adoption studied overseas you know the boy again. He -- -- sent Mona Simpson tracked him down and He starts talking about the great restaurants who used to and including one in Silicon Valley said. Everybody's -- there even Steve Jobs and this is the fathers or father or the biological father and Steve would tell Mona. Don't tell them about me -- -- -- divided tongue and couldn't say Steve Jobs is your son she just looked a bit shocking -- yeah He was going temper. So that's so amazingly that father in the son met but didn't know -- they were father and sign yet. When they both know it Steve says I want nothing to do this -- -- I mean Steve Jobs -- a person with intense emotions and loyalties. At his real family and that includes his adoptive parent who called his real parents and really taught him everything they would -- -- Great people. And then of course his four children. There's a strong bond they are but if you're not part of the strong bond -- in somebody like his biological father He had no desire to -- a phrase keeps recurring in the book it's called reality distortion field. His his colleagues at apple said he's got a reality distortion field Steve Jobs thought He could then -- To fit his will and then they have shortened his life. You know -- that magical thinking. Worked 9599%. Of the time. He could have Steve Wozniak -- early partner create a circuit board in four days that would normally take four months because of that reality -- but when He gets cancer. You know -- -- the tension within and between sort of the alternative of hip Biersch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the scientific technology guy that's attention in his life whether to cancer or whether it's his personal life whether -- his professional. And so for about nine months he's weighing he's looking an alternative treatments -- also looking at cutting edge medicine I mean here's a guy who finally when He dunked it. -- looked at degrade anybody read on getting this surgery when He once He decided to get the surgery. He said. I should've gotten normally -- -- It took him a few months before we decide to get the sergeant. He was just searching He was always on the sort including -- kangaroos can get a surprising phrase that the into the monkey see Steve Jobs is not exceptionally smart. But the genius you know was his jeans his genius who has the ability to connect you know -- -- To technology that art and technology -- -- -- Bill Gates has astonishing. Mental processing now. But He didn't really have that sort of feel. For design and all our. Until I think that's all sort of an American thing if we're going to be successful in the 21 century and to theme of the book had. And that comes whether it was a cancer in his personal life for professional life from sort of having that new way to alternative beautiful side to him poetic sized but and the technology side to -- -- unique -- -- from basically tested -- listening very much.

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{"id":14801246,"title":"Steve Jobs' Proudest Achievement","duration":"6:28","description":"Walter Isaacson details Steve Jobs' life in new biography. ","url":"/GMA/video/steve-jobs-proudest-achievement-14801246","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}