Students Discuss Alleged Symptoms From School

Lauren Scalzo and Traci Leubner say they developed Tourette's-like symptoms.
3:00 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Students Discuss Alleged Symptoms From School
Joined now by Lawrence -- she's here with the motherland Clark also joined by Tracy woman and her mother. Charlene thank you all for coming in and -- once you start us off just tell us when these when you first felt these symptoms and what have. Lakers started on October -- queen. And it's. -- I don't know where -- -- -- first time and never seen or something like that before you -- -- you -- -- -- -- And I started with -- -- events that are -- couldn't talk and I had sent home. And and it eventually developed -- -- Head twitch and then it went away for a little while. This was happening to other girls on the continues to all of the same time -- the first -- first. This girl Katie was of Ernst cues said to be -- -- and citizen Leno when you first heard about this what did you think -- what did you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- Suggested that it could be some type of poisoning. Com right of the best of PM in cases that could he plays ending any cent to. -- and take -- strong. I also talked to the school leaders and -- when I turned down that there are other girls that. We're showing similar symptoms and signs and cheese and that they were heading everybody that -- and morality. So. And I -- that -- and -- an appointment become the primary care that parents and live knowing there. And in surely you look at it as well now looks like a lot of health officials have looked into this and said they don't think there's any kind. Of environmental cause he can you accept that one because there's there's too much going earned in -- with the chemical spill from the train. Drama -- thirty years ago lessons learned it was definitely use some of the -- and gravel from this site because it was near. -- now here and aren't pouring thank you receive a quarry in the use -- -- the gravel and stone -- school. In 2004. But nothing happened until this year and anything is there is you saw in the piece there Atlanta a lot of -- look at this think there's some kind of they called conversion but mass hysteria going -- the girls are getting some kind of subconscious signals from each other from social media. Is not possible. Now. -- the first round they are too quick to reach a diagnosis. And they did minimal passing. With seeing -- triple Lanny. He did extensive testing. And he has reached a diagnosis concerning -- -- -- Its hand -- dependents and explain what that is first caused by kind of strapped. It rains which -- repeatedly. -- -- throw. You know -- the years and that a year ago last November. Initiator -- taken out because she was the reappearance you know what's so great. And -- I know you are used to being on TV every game they did -- was -- get a lot worse when -- under. Some kind of stress. He happens when you feel. -- -- -- -- -- Completely. Remodeled. Pain everything will come and play and feel like I'm giving tonight. He stabbed her something. Home like -- and -- -- And it's the same every time didn't you yourself tightening up and that negative -- campaign and Tracy went with frankly I'm premium. Usually. -- and stress are any. Emotion aside from nineteen have you think this through that I get upset about something I'm really sad there like -- something. Home. Just really out of the blue happens. So what do you all want to happen right now. -- We really want. The school. Two tests do -- -- have seen maybe -- Aaron track of that just wrote and because there's been great resistance. You know as far as. Having them come -- and actually did -- That there is a great idea and bad. What his -- on the pianist is an environmental issue. In the school constantly attacks hit it -- -- -- saying that that they didn't like air quality testing within the school. But it's mostly they have -- refusal. To go out and actually touched the soil. And then we also now -- with the gas wells and sets and the AM residue. I guess there's like the -- maintained maybe. And it's come out on the ground and killed neighboring trees and plants and everything like that and then you -- more investigation. -- was definitely in. I -- -- -- -- -- back -- crew and you'll thank you all for coming in today we'll be going better.

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{"id":15528766,"title":"Students Discuss Alleged Symptoms From School","duration":"3:00","description":"Lauren Scalzo and Traci Leubner say they developed Tourette's-like symptoms.","url":"/GMA/video/students-discuss-alleged-tourettes-symptoms-school-15528766","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}