Study Suggests Sausage, Bacon Linked to Cancer

Dr. Richard Besser explains findings in study analyzing popular food products.
2:04 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Study Suggests Sausage, Bacon Linked to Cancer
A study creating big headlines right now a new morning that the bacon and sausage on your breakfast plate right now could increase your risk of cancer. Richard Bassett joins us from Los Angeles right now to break it all down so Richard this is big headlines right now and and it's. Basically this study is suggesting that if you add a serving a day of say bacon or sausage that you increase your chances. Pancreatic cancer what more can you tell us about the study. That that's right -- what they found was that for every serving fifty gram serving of of processed -- you have per day your risk goes up by 19%. This is a study came Anna -- knew what they did was a combined seven smaller studies the reason they had a combined small studies is that pancreatic cancer is very common. -- need to combine these studies to be able that address this question. This -- off guard -- surprised by this. Well you know I'm not very surprised have already been -- show between processed meats -- and colon cancer. But you do have to be careful when -- combining studies we we know a number of risk factors for for pancreatic cancer big ones. Smoking diabetes obesity lack of exercise and when -- combining a lot of different studies it's sometimes hard to take all of that into account. But the question about processed meats and cancer has it has been swirling around for -- for decades actually. It has for quite some time and so you know people are going to -- -- Processed food so what is your suggested suggestion to us and also what about. Turkey bacon and -- apple chicken sausage and right at any better. Well -- let me first put in perspective right now your lifetime risk of getting pancreatic cancer is one point 4%. If you have a serving of processed meat per day -- risk of would go up to one point 7% still very small. But if you -- -- cut down on that and you we we always have said don't need a lot of processed -- the very high in salt and fat. But you want to cut down on that you can -- You can look for him for products that don't have nitrates because the nitrates are the ones that they think are causing the cancer. And you're right Turkey bacon some of those do not have the nitrates and look -- -- that are right rich thanks very much.

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{"id":15352901,"title":"Study Suggests Sausage, Bacon Linked to Cancer","duration":"2:04","description":"Dr. Richard Besser explains findings in study analyzing popular food products.","url":"/GMA/video/study-suggests-sausage-bacon-linked-cancer-15352901","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}