Suicide Bomber Kills Americans in Kabul

Taliban claims Afghan attack that killed 17 people in heavily fortified area.
2:16 | 10/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suicide Bomber Kills Americans in Kabul
Afghanistan where there's new information about the Taliban suicide bombing in heavily fortified Kabul the attack killing ten Americans. The deadliest strike against the US led coalition in the Afghan capital since the war began. ABC's Jake Tapper is that -- -- air base in Afghanistan with this report. -- good morning US forces call this latest attack a sign of Taliban desperation but that seems debatable Taliban attacks here in Kabul. Are getting more brazen. And more deadly -- It was the deadliest attack on coalition forces in Kabul in the more than ten years of the Afghanistan war. Five coalition service members and eight contractors most of them Americans. Were killed when the armored bus they were in was targeted on this road by a Taliban suicide bomber. Driving an SUV with a bomb the Taliban leaders that wait 15100. Pounds. For innocent Afghans were also killed by the explosion -- the attack took place near a bombed out former palace on the southwest outskirts of the capital. And it came one day after the Pentagon issued a report. Heralding how year to year attacks are down for the first time in America's longest war. Which the report claims -- -- firm foundation for the Afghans taking control of security in 2014. US military however focuses on attacks on US service members United Nations says -- and Afghanistan. Including eight civilians. Is up 40%. This war -- taken a turn from largely rural to increasingly urban. The Taliban has -- six high profile attacks here Kabul in as many months. Including last month that twenty hour siege of the US embassy and NATO headquarters it's also yesterday in the southern country. Afghan National Army soldiers shot and killed. Three Australian troops and an Afghan interpreter. The commander of international forces here in Afghanistan marine general John Allen issued a statement saying quote. The enemies of peace are not martyrs but -- who -- to hide the fact that there are losing territory support. And the will to fight.

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{"id":14844202,"title":"Suicide Bomber Kills Americans in Kabul","duration":"2:16","description":"Taliban claims Afghan attack that killed 17 people in heavily fortified area. ","url":"/GMA/video/suicide-bomber-kills-americans-kabul-14844202","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}