Super Bowl 'Deals and Steals'

Have the perfect football party with Tory Johnson's secret deals for viewers.
5:12 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Super Bowl 'Deals and Steals'
Obviously ten days until super -- Sunday when the giants will face the patriots and more than. Twenty million people will attend Super Bowl parties so thanks a Tory Johnson we have some great deals and steals on what -- need. To have fun while you watch the big game I'm gonna guess twenty million is probably very conservative hello -- read -- yet -- what are we looking at here let's start with that will be uniform. Started the uniforms and we've got a -- Got my little baby. That's happened part of me as a mom when she's wearing a Packers uniform. Instead hey kids but Franklin is a really great company that has been making sporting goods for decades. So the first thing we have -- -- two uniforms for kids and in fact you can get them for all of the NFL teams not just isn't -- teams regularly for the fully uniform like you -- on the -- it's. It's sixty dollar but we've got you covered with a 50% discount knocking it down to 25 wow that's pretty good deal for the kids to dress up that are. We got some more from Franklin football's so we've got. -- football's. A variety of football team games also whoa look at that. -- -- But what was. I don't see how I -- -- The commercial break and Huskies football -- -- -- really -- box and -- games slashed in half. To ten then in the tests -- equality if he's so the -- is amazing -- turned out like beautiful face -- -- is that. -- -- least meaning crazy football man right yeah that's not claustrophobic but all right that's great but hey that's what people they came right at the at a -- -- and and are 50% off as well so instead about twenty bucks your choice many. Medical team it's ten box does he show up you got your ball you've scared your posts but here you're gonna get ready to -- and it's how many how many -- -- Billion as the way movie with would be unsuitable site. 500 million wing -- chickens running around -- doubles and so why you lot make them yourself we've got a recipe on Good Morning America that coming out grammar all. And fried -- make your only got to you think things and what's funny that these are from Barnes & Noble dot com reason to -- -- prior -- got a little small portion bigger Fryer fuel economy more. Com Barnes noble dot com sells all kinds of amazing stuff they've got a really incredible deal for -- they dealer Lee these two friars are fifty -- -- hundred dollars. But -- just for Jimmy -- -- slash title. 60% 119 to forty dollars and everyone around -- wants to buy only the really isn't it costs exactly ISO as a football themed segments eleven and handed off -- To -- Very nice yeah. Aren't at the to the end zone to the house -- thank you very much. I am -- cupcakes and and so I knew I -- slowing down but first you have wings -- saw me no place fatter than this anchor bar in the original -- -- -- I -- the original destination in Buffalo, New York where buffalo wings originated. And so if you are really please the guests you want to use the original -- it ranges from -- mild to suicidal. So maybe lake. -- from -- etc. I saw the other day exam is light mild you're like -- -- so -- -- -- -- really great deal as well make -- early this -- depending on -- -- -- five to fifty dollars less than -- starting -- just 253%. Up -- Yeah and that link Padilla are -- -- deficit isn't incidental party to bring her and not have this fall all he's now wants a really great -- -- call -- market its online destination for all products. That are natural and so they pulled together fifty different Super Bowl suitable snacks. All at a 50% discount so these are beer cupcakes. The lovingly. I east by aren't I don't know if you don't you're not behind -- -- -- -- -- isn't it isn't alone -- and doesn't those and it's one. -- all these different chips and sausage and peppers like you take your pick. Hundreds and hundreds of -- more than fifty different -- and what's amazing is the shipping costs are incredible for a box for as much as you can buy and he spent 49 dollar shipping -- break so typically went online is expensive to ship not in our case -- ten to 38 dollars. -- perhaps starting at just five box. -- again not that aids is all natural to him he's got the you know deep red wings. You know there's going to be some probably some fears consumes the way to -- -- -- -- I ever glad I at least -- he's -- -- this great hopes and this company 31 gets actually had three different this is not the sort of like carry out what it's like you put. As much as -- lot right into here there's not too different other. Unbeatable prices and also multiple patterns that you can get this and a mom regularly thirty to 42 dollars also slashed in half an inherently you're staying at -- fifteen say I'm 21 dollars and if these are perfect because these last long after -- -- but it's a really great way to carry hot foods cold foods snacks whatever -- taking. And as always everything is as saying while supplies last all -- -- really really important again you can get all the details. All these deals out our website Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! but listen you have to get there right now it's only while supplies last.

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{"id":15446864,"title":"Super Bowl 'Deals and Steals'","duration":"5:12","description":"Have the perfect football party with Tory Johnson's secret deals for viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-deals-steals-gma-viewers-15446864","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}