Super Bowl Recipe Rivals: New York vs. Boston

Chefs Patrick Connolly, Marc Forgione battle for 2012's top Super Bowl sandwich.
3:23 | 02/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Bowl Recipe Rivals: New York vs. Boston
A. All right are you ready for some football and -- -- -- -- also who -- fans that joining us today. Is Patrick Connolly the kitchen NYC. The New England Patriots huge -- and over here we have. Iron Chef mark -- I don't forget what American cut at rebel Atlantic City gentlemen welcome to you -- Thank you we also have a special judge for you today. None other than this America 2012. -- Above reproach -- first the want to ask you why you hear had to bite you in Indianapolis -- -- of the NFL into the great charity that raises money for food banks all across America so betting on at home want to donate they can visit 600 challenge dot com -- hunger challenge dot com. Oh yes and donate on behalf of their favorite NFL city near ready to judge I'm reading the value we -- password and start with you -- what. -- you make in -- today. -- -- are owed to New England we're gonna do a big guy's huge lobster roll so we're gonna start when that's right -- What I did a good asset and a -- me we're gonna do -- the constructed tartar sauce and cornerstones. Hard boiled egg. The I do want to ask you what's it like -- inveterate. Patriots fan working in New York City. You know I that's why RA have my hard hat yeah because you never know it's of them I thought your head. Both of them back to your friends like -- -- total. What -- what you get started I don't want to -- at a time. -- -- -- the suspects in this ups and now we have a lobster salad and we're gonna get this big hoagie roll. And -- rail line it would let us. And then -- stuff that would all of our lobster me. Despite what some detail at citizens and that's our final final product. The Lawrenceville their -- -- Gas. What does she needs are harder when action yet at any time. -- -- -- -- Now think remember that. -- and I'm what -- what what are we were gonna be this is actually -- that I've nicknamed advancing north of fats and credits Begin it's got apples and we put a little -- there we about a minute -- what are what's the spread this is ever -- it's made with almonds a little red -- -- the habit of vinegar and around. This is going to be -- this is this is that this is the kicker here kind of like Lawrence Tynes did this is. Very nice tickled apple tell -- what what -- you take. Taste of a -- not to defend their differences here -- and -- -- -- -- and I can we -- -- -- -- Twenty seconds left -- -- -- And the winner yes they're both great but -- city and country teams. But based on damages alone who. The dot com find out what.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":15505821,"title":"Super Bowl Recipe Rivals: New York vs. Boston","duration":"3:23","description":"Chefs Patrick Connolly, Marc Forgione battle for 2012's top Super Bowl sandwich.","url":"/GMA/video/super-bowl-recipe-rivals-york-boston-15505821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}