One-on-One With Superstar Mom Celine Dion

The singer talks about working in Las Vegas and family life.
5:30 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One-on-One With Superstar Mom Celine Dion
Celine Dion twenty years ago her take on the theme song of Beauty and the Beast -- maker -- mega star. And -- that -- now being -- released in 3-D by our parent company Disney. -- is bigger and busier than ever that was TV -- caught up here in Las Vegas and beautiful what a balancing act that they show. Three boys. Absolutely and you know -- has always been open about her infertility so it's not much more amazing. To see -- in action with her three sons for twins are already more than a year old and which how fiercely she protects time with her kids. But she also gave us a rare glimpse -- -- behind the curtain. As she transforms herself into that full throated five -- soprano who gives you goose -- -- Celine Dion is backstage and about to face a packed house -- Caesars palace -- that. Somehow she manages to balance all the glitz and glam with a dirty diapers in the home I -- love what I do. But not at any price -- -- -- about money and talking about. What my my family needs -- I want to be there for my children. But juggling diva hood and momma who it is not easy I usually don't walk with my basic -- Mike kids get very upset when I should make a final game -- like all mommy where I don't golf whenever I -- mistake yeah might my son -- see my my oldest was always like. Mommy's going to stay home she is their feet. -- -- -- -- Going to be playing with -- on that that was his favorite outfit mummy in her PJ -- day. After the birth of her twin boys -- jumped right back into rehearsals for her biggest show within twelve weeks somebody told me that you are still nursing. Yeah that's one. One baby almost done though one of my twins got nursing at nine and a half months Nelson is fourteen months and he still nursing -- this medical more than anything it's up. Blaze that has -- name. It's a place. That we alone. That nobody can visit. Except the that child and the mom -- when the bond is happening and it relaxes you. -- the moment is extraordinary. And it's -- The bond with her babies is reinforced by the bond with her mother who was backstage tonight we paid a visit -- -- -- -- -- -- Always believe you must be so proud to hear her sing. Yeah. OK I asked her mother's -- nervous for -- -- I would be very nervous -- my children as well I'm nervous for my children. Accounting because that when he goes to school just probably worrying right now and saying. I decide to go to see additional with the twins tonight. I don't have my make -- -- And there's a camera are -- I'm going to hear it could mean it's not -- she's gonna give it sent me grandma is mostly onstage but Celine -- RC appears onstage. Video anyway as a mini cheese -- I really thought my dad and asked if lauded. James Bond -- its share. Which you have to let him go into show business if my husband takes care of -- -- couldn't say he's really is a quote kid hopefully he'll pick the right thing that that will. Bring the best of him. His happiness and will be supporters -- -- it official business. Nine mining and I would challenge -- high -- iciness my friend here tonight RC and his Brothers -- celebrating a major milestone. Her mother's unit from here. It's been twenty years and Beauty and the Beast is being re released this week in 3-D. Mom. I can't believe. And this song is so known. Any money in the first phone that was played on the radio -- where's my -- now people -- song. But did not know who with singing the song ring -- pretty boy cylinder -- -- yeah -- really Beauty and the Beast has started. My career. -- -- And Celine credits her family for making that could be a possible. The youngest of fourteen children she keeps -- loved ones -- -- Her husband does manage your career since she was twelve. The stage manager -- your brother the tour manager for stepson and the live in babysitting her beloved sister. It's a family if that it is a family affair in in makes it possible for me -- Did you appears on this site to spend all your life whom you do win you war. It's amazing to be able to surroundings -- with people. Then maybe -- at your best executed a hula hoop like. And she's -- that fabulous point in her career that any working mom would -- Before the -- used to perform 200 Vegas shows a year can't imagine. But now she does just seven day and it's all built around her son RC's schedule who by the way she took to -- Beauty and the Beast and he told me -- that you -- that such strong family and it's fantastic and his family first for Celine Dion KG and Tim thanks very much.

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{"id":15338146,"title":"One-on-One With Superstar Mom Celine Dion","duration":"5:30","description":"The singer talks about working in Las Vegas and family life.","url":"/GMA/video/superstar-mom-celine-dion-15338146","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}