Superstorm Sandy: Atlantic City Coast Destroyed

Parts of Atlantic City's famed boardwalk were washed away by the storm.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Atlantic City Coast Destroyed
Also, we want to continue and bring you more devastation to the coastline. In fact, we can show you what's left of the boardwalk in atlantic city, as we look at the storm and where it still is at this point. This is an iconic scene along the eastern seaboard. Abc's ginger zee has been in atlantic city throughout the storm with the latest. Pretty much the bull's eye of this storm, ginger? That's exactly right. It came right over here, amy. It started ravishing the shore, all the way up to sandy hook, new jersey. That's where they had 12-foot tides. But it washed down here into atlantic city. We're going to show you pictures that were incredible. Every street flooded. Almost everywhere, impassable. The only lights still on, the casinos because they're on generators. And they're behind me. Battered, beaten and being rescued. I was on the ground. Reporter: Sandy delivered mayhem up and down the jersey ore. Atlantic city, covered in seafoam and torn apart. We had waves as high as the light poles down on the board work. It was ripping up boards on the boardwalk and throwing them up on the walk beside us. Reporter: The ten-foot storm surge forced the ocean into the streets. Turning roads into rapids. In hoboken, water filled an elevator shaft, filling this train station. The entire coastline, from top-to-bottom, hammered for hours, even before the superstorm officially hit. Oh, my gosh. Look at that. This is all ocean coming over here. The storm surge has started. And the storm is hitting right now. As that storm became a ferocious nor'easter -- every intersection in atlantic city looks like that. And there's water absolutely everywhere. We were stuck like everyone else. In the wake of the storm, still making history. The national guard just arrived. They'll be doing a lot of cleanup and hopefully not too many rescues here, josh?

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{"id":17596492,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Atlantic City Coast Destroyed","duration":"3:00","description":"Parts of Atlantic City's famed boardwalk were washed away by the storm.","url":"/GMA/video/superstorm-sandy-atlantic-city-coast-destroyed-2012-hurricane-17596492","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}