Voting Rights, Gay Marriage Among Hot-Button Issues Facing Supreme Court

Supreme Court justices will soon deliver rulings on affirmative action and equal rights.
2:02 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Voting Rights, Gay Marriage Among Hot-Button Issues Facing Supreme Court
To the supreme court where the most contentious and sweeping rulings of the year could be announced this morning. Voting right, gay marriage, affirmative action, all hang in the balance and terry moran is at the court. The court always seems to save its most important rulings for last. Gay marriage. A whole bunch of possible outcomes here. Reporter: That's right. That's the big one. Is there a right in the constitution to same-sex marriage, to gay marriage? All americans are guaranteed equal protection. Does that include marriage laws? Prop 8 which banned gay marriage, congress' effort to limit federal recognition of gay marriage, possible outcomes, the court could say, california voters can't do that. The court could say some states which have already granted domestic partnerships must also grant the word emergency or they could say the constitution is silent on this, let the voters decide and could strike down that defense of marriage act which means that federal benefits would flow to gay couples or could uphold it. A huge reaction to whatever the court does right there depending which direction they go. Also two big cases where race is the focus whether it can be a factor in university admissions, affirmative actions and whether states still who have a history of racial discrimination still have to submit their voting plans to the department of justice. Reporter: That's right. These are two legacy issues, if you will, from the heroic era of the civil rights revolution. On the voting rights, that dates back to 1964, there are states and counties, localities that need to get the permission of the federal government in order to change their election laws. Is that still necessary? That's the question at the court here and then on affirmative action, the court has been wrestling with this for 35 years. Should students of minority backgrounds get a plus in admissions to universities? The court's been slicing this onion center and center saying no quotas, no numerical goals and maybe they'll try one more slice or they could say, we're done with this. We'll see. Either way it is going to be an historic week at the supreme court. Terry, thanks very much.

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{"id":19471005,"title":"Voting Rights, Gay Marriage Among Hot-Button Issues Facing Supreme Court","duration":"2:02","description":"Supreme Court justices will soon deliver rulings on affirmative action and equal rights.","url":"/GMA/video/supreme-court-decisions-2013-voting-rights-gay-marriage-19471005","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}