What Susan Boyle Would Change in Her Famous 'Got Talent' Audition

Grammy-nominated singer readying sixth studio album and first-ever U.S. tour.
5:12 | 06/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Susan Boyle Would Change in Her Famous 'Got Talent' Audition
Hello I'm Dan Cutler and this is news makers for ABC news and Yahoo! News ninety. Yeah. Yeah. Even five years later. Her surprising performance on Britain's got talent still gives millions of YouTube viewers. The chills since then Susan Boyle has released five chart topping albums. And is now bringing her back stateside. With her first ever US -- So it was your mother that -- really influenced you to go to Britain's got talent correct. Well. I have to see -- -- and this is equal to other addictions as -- before restless talent so is actually trailed condition that's -- talent. Dicey though that I -- bit invincible going along. And end up until that point had it been -- local talent shows -- local performances that -- local college those local promises. And then Ellington I -- -- still I'll go to. Obama confidence. And some -- proceeds from the home. -- you hesitated in kind of gradually gradually getting a larger audience along the way. You just -- to be hesitant to begin this -- of the issue that he's an accomplice in the ninety. It still is still growing list of stolen -- -- -- -- with what if you that would appear reset button. And knowing now what you've learned over the past five years is there anything you would have done differently. Probably would have -- dished -- for all -- at that stuff on them and that's terrible but what -- At least is resonating at Villanova. -- -- do you watch that YouTube clip. -- enough a couple of years and understand is still going and other corporate and you have watched in -- while on the violent it. Had been project which had seen it seen seen what was your reaction when you aside you remember all my goal inflation in the inning but. Does that really mean look at the next it. -- has -- sticker to sticker across the chest but you that you came -- their very confidently. I just don't have any contained a good laugh -- -- it. I had so many dozens of waffle plant this plant -- all of us some -- Pennsylvania. Anyone in front of Simon Cowell I mean who is no easy judged too impressed at just below them away. My attention I guess was lucky -- the -- -- injunction in terms as he offered advice to her or do you remain in contact with Simon. -- isn't that it busy guy from tank to tank just maintenance. Gains if that's. So the song is so closely linked to you I dreamed injury. Do you ever get tired of singing that song it. -- -- as a saint petition. To Panasik position. A second do other things how. Pray that need to -- -- -- mean -- punch and things in the limited to. Given a message in the words behind that song do you think that if you had performed another song you would have still have a kind of success. That you have -- what I. Some -- probably being -- -- no -- for such contrasts from Fannie. -- -- -- And seek an -- to myself that train and then just lectures us on localism that originally several -- comes on when she's changed thanks. What was going on at the time that's that why you why you chose that song comment a lot of personal problems -- -- you know. And I just that was living alone might catch. You know. I was just one of what makes a deal with blank -- -- is a -- to -- the pixel when you sing it now -- and have a different meaning. I'm glad that came about in and -- don't want to. -- me you've been very open about being diagnosed with Asperger's. Publicity is about it yet I shouldn't be. -- Italy and the ability. Under the philosophy with similar problems nickel and just successful -- So. Price and I do the same headed editor before -- your life and ultimately -- landing of us that until recently diagnosed because I had been on diagnosis and I was diagnosed -- -- -- having -- -- -- which main -- what some people call us. Arafat bus -- -- -- diagnosis I feel bad about myself. Hasn't -- likes 11 able to help other people listen associations. What is the next period. Ski can thank -- hired to teach people -- -- an -- And company and.

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{"id":24307952,"title":"What Susan Boyle Would Change in Her Famous 'Got Talent' Audition","duration":"5:12","description":"Grammy-nominated singer readying sixth studio album and first-ever U.S. tour.","url":"/GMA/video/susan-boyle-change-famous-talent-audition-24307952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}