'Swamp People' Follows Gator Hunters in Louisiana

Reality-TV show follows a family of hunters making a living trapping alligators.
2:55 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Swamp People' Follows Gator Hunters in Louisiana
-- alligator -- -- -- the -- want people to hit adventure show that -- the family of hunters who make their living by stocking deadly gators in Louisiana bayou. And they brought GMA behind the scenes to see the hazards they call. The good -- work. They are the most unlikely heroes. Real people who live and work on the -- Call themselves -- -- -- -- -- We've honored you're here to bring home more than -- programs more historical. Healers -- it is the country. -- apparently did you know you. -- -- is known as one of the best Gator -- is on the -- you. Today he's out with -- son Jacob and they invited GMA on the adventure. Come back the next day hoping the gators taking the -- We're here attributed -- America corporation that's a -- daylight. Humans not so much. -- -- -- -- -- The first -- -- strike out but no worries that didn't just getting started. Full -- not grown when you see how they do it doesn't seem like a fair fight. They are -- gators. It's important Major League who arrived here when you -- And -- they've been -- those babies are child's physical harm -- giving the landowners behind hitters it's an effort to control population. -- -- Another foggy morning another larger than life character. Bruce Mitchell known for his trademark overalls and and then. -- -- -- -- -- He's also -- doing here but the weather is. Talked about the -- -- This is December 11 -- -- home. It's terrible but there is always another trap around the corner ever get a -- can you tell -- collectively. Why doesn't have enough but -- was -- this is one -- television it's not a way of life. A simpler way of life fresh fried alligator. We'll get an expression and quoted -- -- news -- that's why they call themselves swamp people. It's how they -- out a way of life it's hardly changed in hundreds of years. Good Morning America there's that would do -- -- -- a for breakfast. But people. -- -- -- The -- season swamp people premieres tomorrow on the History Channel and.

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{"id":15537958,"title":"'Swamp People' Follows Gator Hunters in Louisiana","duration":"2:55","description":"Reality-TV show follows a family of hunters making a living trapping alligators.","url":"/GMA/video/swamp-people-gator-hunters-louisiana-15537958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}